“Gangnam Style” Breaks Youtube’s 32-Bit Barrier

Psy’s Gangnam Style video has long been the most watched clip on YouTube. Now it’s forced a rethink of the site’s “hit counter.” The video recently passed the 2,147,483,647-view mark. Maths and computing geeks among us may already have spotted the significance of that, but for the rest of us, it’s all down to that […]

European Politicians: Break Google Up

European politicians have voted to break up Google’s business. The vote has no immediate practical effect but is politically symbolic. Strictly speaking the motion, which passed the European Parliament by 384 votes to 174, does not apply solely or specifically to Google, but rather all online search companies. However, with Google used for around 90 […]

Obama Calls For Net Neutrality Rules

President Barack Obama has given his clearest backing yet to net neutrality principles. He’s urged the Federal Communications Commission to not just tighten its rules, but make a key change to its rulemaking process. The White House has released both a written and video statement from Obama commenting on the ongoing call for public feedback […]

The Internet Is Awesome: A “Live” Performance/Music Video by Pomplamoose

The Internet is awesome for at least 4 billion reasons, but I’ll let Pomplamoose do the job for me since her voice is far prettier than mine. From Pomplamoose: This is a live performance using a Launchpad, Impulse midi controller, and Ableton Live. Filmed in one take, start to finish. No overdubbing or lip syncing! […]