“Child of the ’90s” Presents the New Internet Explorer [Video]

Under the motto “You grew up, so did we”, Microsoft has created an ad for their new edition of Internet Explorer, complete with… SLAP BRACELETS! LISA FRANK! TAMAGOTCHIS! POGS! And maybe it’s because I’m┬ástill not okay being 27 – and I’m only a few months away from turning 28 – but I got goosebumps watching […]

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves [Video]

We’ve already presented you part one, and part II is here, so here’s part III of a segment Jimmy Kimmel presents on his show about celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves. Hilarious. Warning: Video contains strong language. [Via LS]

100 Most Viewed YouTube Videos Of 2012

The 100 most viewed YouTube videos of 2012. Enjoy! [Ryan Greene]

Nokia web browser raises privacy questions

Nokia has admitted it does decrypt some internet traffic sent over “secure” connections on some of its cellphones. However, it insists there is absolutely no question of it accessing the information while it is in unencrypted form. The issue was raised by an Indian security researcher and involves the Nokia Xpress Browser. That’s a tool […]

Researchers: payment processors the key to piracy fight

An international study suggests current efforts to crack down on piracy on “one-click” or “cyberlocker” sites are largely ineffective. The authors suggest the most productive way to reduce piracy on such sites is to follow the money. The research was carried out at Boston’s Northeastern University, the University of California at Santa Barbara, and Vienna […]

Think Your Facebook Cover is Awesome?

Think again. Posted with a simple “I don’t think people understand how lonely I am on facebook”, Libby Cooper proceeded to post the following images of her pretty epic cover photos. You’ll excuse the bad photoshopping for the sheer hilarity! [Libby Cooper Via Buzzfeed]

One Direction: The shock Wikipedia hit of 2012

Newly published statistics show the world’s population has very different interests when it comes to Wikipedia pages. While English speakers are interested in Facebook, Japanese speakers prefer adult films and German speakers are most intrigued by dead-end streets. Swedish man Johan Gunnarson of the Wikitrends project has put together a list of the most viewed […]

Online Shopping in Real Life [Video]

Yep, that pretty much sums it up! :) [Google Analytics]