Online ad networks agree to piracy crackdown

Eight major online advertising firms, including Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, have agreed to withdraw ads from sites that are involved in copyright piracy. The agreement, which also includes 24/7 Media, Adtegriry, AOL, Conde Nast and SpotXchange, was coordinated by the US government. It relates to ad networks that supply ads to websites (usually based on […]

Facebook pulls ads from sex and violence pages

Facebook says it will no longer carry advertising on pages with content advertisers may consider controversial. The changes will mean a lengthy process of inspecting individual pages and groups before they can carry ads. The changes involve pages with “violent, graphic or sexual content” that are not violations of Facebook’s terms and conditions, but aren’t […]

Facebook Phone on Hold for Now

The closest thing to a “Facebook phone” has been delayed indefinitely in Europe. Officially it’s to allow time to tweak some of the software, but it follows a poor initial response in the United States. Facebook has always insisted it won’t make a handset itself, reasoning that there’s no point putting its efforts into something […]

Cheat Codes Help Bypass Call Center Menus

A former IT manager has created a website with 12,000 “secret” codes for making your way through automated call center menus. Amazingly it appears to be entirely his own work rather than crowdsourced. The Please Press 1 site was created by Nigel Clarke and reportedly took seven years to compile. Although some firms have provided […]