Facebook Stories: Inspiring uses of Facebook

Facebook Stories is a fairly recent innovation from Facebook. With the subtitle of “People using Facebook in extraordinary ways”, videos can be uploaded here to exhibit how Facebook can be used to change people’s lives. The first video for August tells a truly inspiring story of how Mayank Sharma¬†lost 27 years of his life in […]

Dropbox steps up security after spam attack

Dropbox has confirmed recent spam received by users was indeed the result of a security breach. It’s responding by introducing several new security measures. The company’s investigation into the spam complaints found that several accounts had been accessed without authorization because the account holders had used the same username and password combination on Dropbox as […]

Facebook Employs New Tactics to Combat Teen Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying has been on the rise in the last decade and the main facilitator has been the social network boom. Facebook’s latest scheme to combat this distasteful use of our freedom of communication targets the 13 to 14-year-old user who may feel too intimidated to hit the site’s “report” button. The new button says […]