Nyan Cat Meets Metal [Video]

Wow! I’m actually surprised I could listen to the whole thing without feeling the need to throw my monitor at the wall! [331Erock] Advertisements


Jones Soda Releases The Guild Limited Edition Soda

Yep, you read that headline right! Jones Soda has released some The Guild-themed soda for all you Felicia Day fanboys and girls out there. Introducing Jones Soda and The Guild. Who is your inner gamer most like? The strong Warrior skills of Vork Green Apple Soda….the sexy Priestess charm of Codex Strawberry Lime…the blade slingin’ […]

Darth Vader and the New Facebook

I have altered the Facebook, pray I do not alter it further! Thanks Dave!

The “Like” Bra [Pic]

Like? Yes, indeed… [“Like” Bra @ Etsy.com | Via IHC]

New Facebook Rage [Comic]

This is pretty much what happens each time Facebook decides to make some changes to to their interface. [Endless Origami]

Google adds new dimension to YouTube

YouTube has added an automatic convert-to-3D tool for uploaded flicks. In a less gimmicky move it’s also vastly increased the number of users who can upload clips without a time limit. The 3D tool is an addition to an existing suite of editing tools, which can be accessed by clicking on “Edit Video.” They include […]

New Revolutionary Social Network: Not Google Plus!

The world’s first antisocial network! [Via Laughing Squid]

Facebook users: Not even the English(UK) can save you now.

If you’re wondering why ENGLISH UK was trending on Twitter, it’s because the word was spreading as to how to revert back to the previous version of Facebook before a new set of changes were rolled out less than a day ago. For whatever reason, users who had their languages set to “English(UK)” were still […]