Will You Pay for Your News?

Whether or not this has been a long time in coming, the time has come – the New York Times has announced that it will be charging for “frequent” access to its website. Visitors will be able to view a certain number of articles each month for free, after which they can pay a flat […]

The Google Toilet

Google has finally developed a technology that can literally sift through your… well… you’ll have to check it out below to learn all about it!

Facebook’s Farmville Ad Parody

Everything Old is New Again: Social Media and the Geek Connection

Geeks have been using the Internet to meet other geeks, well, since it came around. I remember logging onto the Internet the first time, and I didn’t find information: I found a person. I believe I even corresponded with someone in Australia (this would have been in ’92, I believe) via short emails on a […]

Amazing Home-Made Nexus One Promotional Clip

Youtube user and beatboxer MysterGuitarman got lucky and got sponsored by Google to produce a promotional video for the Nexus One. Apparently, the clip was realized with just 2 cuts. Check it out: [Via TechEblog]

Google Nexus One Officially Unveiled

By Jimmy Rogers (@me) Contributing Writer, [GAS] While news of this device leaked quite a while ago (and Google openly distributed it to their employees), the Google Nexus One still drew a crowd today, both online and at Google’s official launch event.  The new phone is similar to other Android devices, such as the popular Droid, but […]

Doctor Horrible vs. Captain Jack in Twitter’s #biggaybattle

So it was just a silly little poll at AfterElton.com, asking the question: Who is the gay/bisexual man of the decade? But it has exploded into a run-off of epic proportions with two geek favorites at the forefront and celebrities lining up to take sides. Vying for the title are Neil Patrick Harris (who among […]

Flocking.me: Another Bird in the Twitter Flock

I’m an admitted Twitterholic, but I’m the first to admit that many of its basic functions leave a great deal to be desired. While Twitter certainly works on a basic level, it’s also left enough gaping holes in usability to allow for tons of development in a variety of applications. In the last few months […]

The Honest $10000 SPAM

What happens when an unbelievable offer of $10000 risk free money is actually genuine?

Yard work and self-loathing the trends for social networkers

Facebook users didn’t seem to have a great 2009 according to data the firm has just released. The biggest trends among status updates included celebrity deaths, swine flu, and general depression. You’ll probably be seeing reports on the data in a variety of outlets today, but many of them are incorrect. The phrases and topics […]

Five Ways to Geek it Up This Holiday Season


Yes, it really is that time of year again. For many of us the season means withdrawal: less game time, less computer time, less iPod time. And even though it’s getting harder and harder to get disconnected from the virtual world, still, geek-less living can be hard on any of us. So why not Geekify […]

How Social Media Can Help Change the World

In the following 4-minute presentation, Alexis Ohanian of Reddit tells the real-life fable of one humpback whale’s rise to Web stardom. The lesson of Mister Splashy Pants is a shoo-in classic for meme-makers and marketers in the Facebook age.