Reddit May Issue Own Cryptocurrency

Reddit has raised $50 million in funding. It’s now planning to offer “shares” in the company to users, though exactly how that will work is uncertain. The funding round is designed to raise money for a program of measures to better maintain and establish the site including taking on new staff, targeting mobile devices and […]

Fancy Pants Social Network Costs $9,000

A new social network designed to appeal only to the richest users will cost $9,000 to join. Netropolitan — which has a not-particularly-glamorous .info domain — removes some of the technical issues many people have with sites such as Facebook. All content is behind a password and is blocked from indexing by search engines. There’s […]

Comcast: Using Tor Is Fine With Us

Comcast has flatly denied it has ordered customers to stop using the Tor browser, or that it has taken any action to enforce such a ban. The statement follows a report at DeepDotWeb, a site specializing in the darknet — a term that can cover both darknet filesharing (a form of peer-to-peer with a restricted […]

Iran Gets Small Step Toward Online Freedom

Iran’s president has urged the country’s ruling clerics to be more open to the Internet. Hassan Rouhani has accompanied his call by allowing 3G and 4G services for the first time. Historically the country has been at best suspicious of, and at worst hostile to, the idea of citizens communicating online. Many leading Western-based services […]

Han To Shoot First On Blu-ray?

According to, Disney plans to release the original Star Wars trilogy on Blu-ray in its original, non-special edition form. Whether anyone believes that is another matter. For its part, the site says that “two independent reliable sources” say: According to our sources, Disney has plans to release the original cut of the Star Wars […]

Facebook Testing ‘Satire’ Tag

Facebook has confirmed it is experimenting with labelling some links as satire to help users confused by spoof headlines. Arstechnica’s Sam Machkovech spotted that “[Satire]” has been added to the start of the text in some links to the Onion. At the moment the text only appears in the related articles section, which shows three […]