Network cable management done wrong

Having a nice and tidy server room with a properly organized cable system is something that IT people need to be concious of. Re-organizing hundreds of tangled network cables is not what I would call a pleasing task, but unfortunately, it has to be done. Not only will doing so make troubleshooting network problems easier, […]

How to recharge your car battery with wine

I’m not sure if wine can actually help recharge your car battery, but hey, it might be worth the try if your vehicle dies in the middle of the desert and all you have is a bottle of wine with you. Has anyone ever heard of this trick? Can anyone confirm if it works or […]

How to write posts that people will actually read

by Sterling Camden Are you just blogging for your own edification, or would you like to have more readers?  Yeah, I thought so.  Me too.  Whether you’re blogging for dollars, for your ego, or for a cause — you wouldn’t be putting it out on the web if you didn’t want people to read it.  […]

Computer maintenance, or archaeological dig?

Rich posted this album on Picasa, showing the filthy interior of a computer he was given to fix.   Note the huge spider web stretching from the upper left corner to the lower right. My favorite comment was from Demens: “You should thank the spider for keeping your PC safe from bugs.” Hank’s quip made me shudder: […]

HOW TO: Move Windows shares from one computer to another

While moving your Windows shares from one computer to another might seem pointless for most people, system administrators see great value in doing it efficiently. It is particularly useful in situations where we have to move data from an old server to new one, and we want our users to keep on accessing their files […]

How to make Glowing Inkjet Printer Ink

Here’s a short video tutorial explaining how you can make your own glowing inkjet printer ink using supplies that are commonly available almost everywhere. All you need is an empty color cartridge, some glow dust, and a few ink refill bottles of the appropriate colors.

Seven tips to get on the good side of your system administrator

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I find it incredibly annoying when non-tech people assume that system administrators are walking computer encyclopedias. With this in mind, here are a few pieces of advice that will get you a few extra brownie points from your favorite system administrator: 1- Asking questions about how to […]

6 Fashion Tips to Turn Yourself into a Sexy Geek

Fellow blogger Amber over at Painfully Hip just pubbed a nice, witty piece educating us, male geeks, on how we should dress. So if you’re currently single and looking for your significant other, head over to her place and try to apply some of her words of wisdom to your wardrobe. I’m sure this will help […]