How to set up your computer ergonomically

How to set up your workstation ergonomicallyFirst, the science of ergonomics can be defined as, “the practice of optimizing the posture and positioning of the human body in relation with its environment.” Having a good, ergonomic workstation is especially important for office workers. Sitting down in front of a computer all day is not very good for the body, so in order to minimize the effects of our work environment, we definitely want to set up correctly.

When I stumbled on this great, online tool this morning, I immediately thought of all of you guys that are stuck in front of computer monitors for most of the day. If linking to this means a few of you escape a future visit to the Doc, I’ll have done my share of good deeds for the year.

“Follow the three steps below when planning your workstation. The values displayed will help you place your equipment for optimum ergonomic comfort.”

Make Your Workstation Fit You

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