A Full Bacon Pancakes Tutorial in Song Form [Video]

I know you probably all Jake’s song, but this is a full tutorial that will actually teach you how to make bacon panacakes. Also, good luck getting that out of your head. [Jonathan Mann] Advertisements


MUST WATCH: How to Age Gracefully [Video]

This is probably the most beautiful, interesting and insightful thing you’ll watch today. It’ll make you laugh, cry, and will teach you a thing or two about life. A great farewell video from CBC Radio One’s WireTap, a radio show that ended on August 19, 2015 after an 11-year run. [CBC | Via TA]

How to be a Successful Game Master in a Role Playing Game (Ft. Wil Wheaton)

A great segment of Geek and Sundry (presented by The Mary Sue) on how to be a successful game master in a role playing game. Featuring the always awesome Wil Wheaton! [The Mary Sue on Youtube]

Turn Skyrim Into Pixar Movie With Amazing Mod

Though it may not be available yet and may be a work in progress, this Skyrim mod that essentially turns the entire game into the look of a Pixar movie looks to be about the slickest mod this community has churned up. Yes, it may not be available yet, but pretty safe to say when […]

Turn Your Smartphone Into a 3d Hologram Projector

In this short video tutorial, Youtuber Mrwhosetheboss will teach you a simple way to turn your smartphone into a 3D hologram projector using items that most people have at home! [Mrwhosetheboss]

How to Activate “God Mode” in Windows 10

The feature first appeared in Windows 7, but in case you were not aware of it, “God Mode,” which is a hidden menu allowing you to access all available configuration parameters in one simple location, is still available in Windows 10. The only thing your need to do to activate “God Mode” is to create […]

Epic How To: How to Start Your Own Country [Video]

Want to create your own country? “Epic How To” has you covered. Also, not sure why, but the “Awe Me” Channel has added this below the video: This show is only for entertainment purposes… If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you do so at your own risk and you assume the […]

Windows 10: Don’t Ignore Wi-Fi Sense

Windows 10 has a potentially useful tool for sharing your home Wi-Fi with friends. However, it’s well worth taking a closer look and thinking about whether you want to use it. The feature, known as Wi-Fi Sense, has been brought over from Windows Phone. It’s designed to overcome the minor hassles that come with giving […]