Remotely control your PC using a Gmail account

By Mark O’Neill Now here’s an intriguing little program for all you Gmail aficionados out there. You can now send remote commands to your PC by emailing your Gmail account. Available commands include shutting down the PC, running a program and opening a webpage in your browser. Entitled Gmail Remote Control (GRC), it is a […]

Seven Ways to Avoid Hidden Workplace Hazards

By Erica Davidson Guest Blogger Most professionals wouldn’t describe a desk job as backbreaking. But for many working men and women, hidden dangers often accompany an outwardly posh nine to five. Whether it’s typing up a report, surfing the Internet or building servers, you may be putting in long hours in front of your monitor. […]

5 Tips to Get What You Want From Technology Retail

By Fred Roth Contributing Writer, [GAS]  In my daily sweep across my favorite tech news sites (next to [GAS], of course), I read an article listing 10 behaviors to adopt in order to get what you want from customer service centers. With the holiday shopping season fast approaching (believe me, we employees are already hearing […]

HOW TO: Cheap Wireless For Your Xbox 360

This project will help you change a cheap wireless router into a wireless receiver for your Xbox 360. The total cost of this project can be as low as twenty or thirty dollars, compared to the one hundred dollars Microsoft wants for their little wireless dongle. Also, please note that if you are NOT a […]

How to Have the Worst Blog Contest Ever

This is the first submission we’ve received for our “How to” contest.  It is titled: “How To Have The Worst Blog Contest Ever.” You’d think the guy is making fun of us – but not really.  Read the article, and you’ll understand.  Article from Brian Aldrich at The Prize Blog: Blogging competitions are becoming more […]