The Magical Art of Pickpocketing [Video]

There’s a very fine line between what a pickpocket does when compared to a magician: Both rely on manipulating your attention to reach their goals. Check out this interesting video where writer Adam Green gets his pocket emptied by “theatrical” pickpocket Apollo Robbins. [The New Yorker] Advertisements


Scooby Doo Surveillance Cam How To [Video]

A simple trick to give you all the convenience of a Scooby Doo bad guy, without having to do any construction on your walls. [Mark Rober]

Amazing Star Wars Paper Snowflakes [Pictures]

[GAS] reader Anthony Herrera just sent me some pics of a few of his amazing Star Wars paper snowflakes. Check these out, they’re really amazing. If you want to try your hand at making of few of these, Anthony has some free downloadable PDF diagrams on his site. [Anthony Herrera]

Mother Nature Gave Birth to a Keyboard

In a world where ‘modern design’ usually involves glass and polymers, Robbie Tilton was sick of nature being left out in the cold. For those glued to their desks and missing a little greenery in their lives, allow us to introduce you to the “Natural Keyboard”. Tilton went through a lot of effort to figure […]

The Lazy Geek’s Guide to Halloween Decoration

Yes, Halloween is just around the corner. And no, you probably didn’t have time to decorate. I mean, really, who has time? But don’t worry. Take a deep breath and let me show you all the horrifying items you can assemble to scare your trick-or-treaters and/or friends on the big night of nights. You’ll be […]

How to Make a 9 Layer Density Tower [Video]

For years we have been making seven layer density columns. We challenged our team to not only add two more liquids, but add seven objects that would float at different levels. The outcome… the Amazing 9 Layer Density Tower! [Via]

How to Draw a Cartoon Zombie

Mark Anderson is back with a new “How to Draw a…” tutorial. After How to draw a cartoon pirate and how to draw R2-D2, now you can learn all about drawing a cartoon zombie! [Andertoons]

Performing CPR the Zombie Way [Video]

A really cool PSA from the Heart & Stroke Foundation: Bringing back the dead is dead simple — Learn the steps and see how CPR Makes You Undead through Heart and Stroke Foundation’s latest PSA. [Via Neatorama]