Build a Whole New Identity to Protect Yourself Online

By Mark O’Neill No, the title of this article is not the way it sounds.   I’m not advocating anything illegal.   I’m not offering any fake passports or dodgy driving licenses.   But instead, when you’re filling in another one of those endless web forms asking for your contact information, instead of giving them your actual details, […]

Drift off to sleep with Ambient Skype

By Mark O’Neill When the cost of bandwidth is virtually next to nothing these days, couples who find themselves apart are using Skype to recreate that “at home” feeling. It even has a name – Ambient Skype. Basically you leave the app constantly running on your computer as background noise. Since Skype-to-Skype calls are free, […]

How to prevent docs with hidden data from leaving your outbox

By Patrick Biz Contributing Writer, [GAS] Not only could this be very embarrassing, it could also hurt your reputation and even expose you to legal actions. Before exchanging documents with tracked changes, you should always make sure the final copy is sanitized and cleared of any sort of hidden data. Take your data security and […]