Welcome to [GAS] 2.0!

Hello Everyone!

We’d like to welcome you all to the new and (we hope) improved [GAS]. This little project of ours has taken a long time to realize, but after a few long months of procrastination, we finally arrived at our destination. As you can see, [GAS] 2.0 is definitely a big step up from the previous version, both quality and functionality wise. The blog now runs on its own domain, on a paid for hosting provider, using the WordPress CMS. We hope that all these changes will please you, our beloved readers.

We would also like to mention that all old content will stay on the blogspot blog, so If you ‘re looking for some of our old posts or articles, just head over there and use the search field located in the sidebar. You will also be able to find some of our most interesting pieces in the old articles section.

If you would like to help us jump-start the launch of [GAS] 2.0 (and we really need some help here), you can either blog about the event, link to one of our new articles, or simply add us to your blog roll. If you already have a link pointing to us, we would be eternally grateful if you could edit it to point to our new url.

Thank you again for your loyalty and continued support.

Kiltak and the [GAS] team.

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