The Beauty of SpaceX Rocket Launches in Ultra Slow Motion

In this Koyaanisqatsi inspired trailer, two filmmakers use autonomous cameras placed at SpaceX launchpads to show the stunning and arresting beauty of our grand adventure to space. [Cosmic Perspective]

Why Does Fish Flake? [Science Video]

If you’ve ever eaten it, you’ve probably noticed how flaky fish can be. Poke at it with your fork and it just falls apart — no knife required. What makes fish different from other animal protein? Find out in this episode of SciShow. [SciShow]

Stretch Armstrong vs Giant Neodymium Magnet [Video]

From The Action Lab: In this video I show you what happens when you bring Stretch Armstrong next to a giant neodymium magnet and then when you put him in between the magnet and a giant pile of sharp screws and bolts! Lets see if he can take the pressure! [The Action Lab]

Why SpaceX is Making the Starlink Internet Space-Based Communication System [Video]

Starlink is an upcoming low-cost space-based Internet communication system by SpaceX that will be in deployment until the mid-2020s. The company plans to deploy 12,000 satellites in three orbital shells. The first large batch of 60 satellites were launched on May 24th, 2019. Here is a enlightening video by Real Engineering explaining why SpaceX is […]

Star Trek Starfleet Insignia Discovered on Mars

This image was recently captured by the high resolution imaging science experiment (HiRISE) on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, and yes, it does look like a very specific insignia most of us geeks know and love. From Hirise: These curious chevron shapes in southeast Hellas Planitia are the result of a complex story of dunes, lava, […]

How Optical Illusions Trick Your Brain [Science Video]

Optical illusions are images that seem to trick our minds into seeing something different from what they actually are. But how do they work? Nathan S. Jacobs walks us through a few common optical illusions and explains what these tricks of the eye can tell us about how our brains assemble visual information into the […]

How close are we to eradicating HIV? [Science Video]

The world is getting closer to achieving one of the most important public health goals of our time: eradicating HIV. And to do this, we won’t even have to cure the disease. We simply have to stop HIV from being transmitted until eventually it fizzles out. Philip A. Chan explores the preventive strategies helping us […]

How To Fall Asleep In 2 Minutes

Can’t fall asleep? These sleep tips are better than ASMR! [ASAP Science]