Physicist Answers Physics Questions From The Internet

From Wired: Physicist Jeffrey Hazboun visits WIRED to answer the internet’s swirling questions about physics. How does one split an atom? Is light a wave or a particle…or both? How soon will the universe end? Is time travel is possible given physicists’ current understanding? What’s the deal with string theory? [Wired]

What’s your chronotype? Knowing whether you’re a night owl or an early bird could help you do better on tests and avoid scams

Owl chronotypes function better at night, while lark chronotypes are more energized in the morning. The Photo Matrix/Moment, nomis_g/iStock via Getty Images Plus Cindi May, College of Charleston Timing is everything. For early risers and late-nighters alike, listening to your internal clock may be the key to success. From the classroom to the courtroom and […]

Only 1% of chemical compounds have been discovered – here’s how we search for others that could change the world

Garsya/Shutterstock Matthew Addicoat, Nottingham Trent University The universe is flooded with billions of chemicals, each a tiny pinprick of potential. And we’ve only identified 1% of them. Scientists believe undiscovered chemical compounds could help remove greenhouse gases, or trigger a medical breakthrough much like penicillin did. But let’s just get this out there first: it’s […]

Carl Sagan detected life on Earth 30 years ago – here’s how his experiment is helping us search for alien species today

Earth and Moon as seen by the Galileo spacecraft from a distance of 6 million km away. NASA Gareth Dorrian, University of Birmingham It’s been 30 years since a group of scientists led by Carl Sagan found evidence for life on Earth using data from instruments on board the Nasa Galileo robotic spacecraft. Yes, you […]

New class of recyclable polymer materials could one day help reduce single-use plastic waste

Single-use plastics. Anton Petrus/Moment Katherine Harry, Colorado State University and Emma Rettner, Colorado State University Hundreds of millions of tons of single-use plastic ends up in landfills every year, and even the small percentage of plastic that gets recycled can’t last forever. But our group of materials scientists has developed a new method for creating […]

A Robotic Slime That Could One Day Save Your Life [Video]

From Interesting Engineering: In a world where robotics and medical innovation converge, a game-changing hero emerges: a slime. This isn’t your typical gooey substance; it’s a fluid-based soft robot, a blend of polymers, borax, and alcohol, capable of shifting between liquid and solid states through viscoelasticity. Tiny neodymium particles grant it magnetic control, allowing it […]

Astronomers have learned lots about the universe − but how do they study astronomical objects too distant to visit?

Telescopes at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory near La Serena, Chile. Guillaume Doyen/CTIO/NOIRLab/NSF/AURA, CC BY Luke Keller, Ithaca College NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft flew by Earth on Sept. 24, 2023, dropping off its sample of dust and pebbles gathered from the surface of near-Earth asteroid Bennu. Analysis of this sample will help scientists understand how the […]

WATCH LIVE: NASA’s Psyche Spacecraft Launches to a Metal Asteroid [Video]

Update: the launch was a success. You can rewatch it above by rewinding the footage. I can’t specify the exact time yet since the live video is not over. From NASA: Watch the Psyche spacecraft launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket. NASA and SpaceX are now targeting […]

Comets 101 − everything you need to know about the snow cones of space

Comet Hale-Bopp was visible from Earth in 1997. E. Kolmhofer, H. Raab; Johannes-Kepler-Observatory, Linz, Austria, CC BY-NC Shannon Schmoll, Michigan State University When you hear the word comet, you might imagine a bright streak moving across the sky. You may have a family member who saw a comet before you were born, or you may […]