Is Hand Sanitizer Actually Bad For You? [Science Video]

Can hand sanitizer create super-bugs, or is that a myth? Find out in ASAP Science’s latest video! [ASAP Science]

How An Igloo Keeps You Warm [Science Video]

If you ever find yourself stranded in the snowy Arctic (or bored in Minecraft), you’re gonna need to know how to build an igloo. But how can building a house made of ice keep you warm? The science behind building an igloo is the same reason that otters and reindeer don’t freeze to death! [It’s […]

Paper and String: The DIY Centrifuge

A centrifuge is a vital piece of kit for hospitals and labs across the world. But what if you could make one out of paper and string? The so-called ‘paperfuge’ is the cheapest and fastest hand-spun centrifuge ever designed — and it can reach speeds of up to 125,000 revolutions per minute. Nature Video reveals […]

Should YOU Be Afraid of BPA? [Science Video]

BPA has had some bad press, and now we’re all wondering: Is BPA bad for us? Michael Aranda from The SciShow goes into how we encounter BPA in our lives and how it affects us. [SciShow]

Why Does Stepping on Legos Hurt So Much? [Video]

Right up there with how the gun on the original Duck Hunt game worked, why it hurts so much to step on a Lego brick is one of the questions we’re asked the most, so it’s high time we answered it. As anyone who’s done it knows, stepping on a Lego block is something akin […]

The Science Behind Nitroglycerin: Explosive Heart Medication [Video]

Imagine a substance so powerful that it could blow you to bits or save your life depending on how you used it. Well imagine no more: such a substance exists and you’ve probably heard of it: Nitroglycerin. [SciShow]

150 MPH Rocket Knife Can Slice Through Almost Anything [Video]

From The Backyard Scientist: I recreated my favorite MythBusters experiment and tried to chop a car in half with a Rocket Knife. I also tried to chop a chicken, steak, and fruits in half! Next week.. RED HOT ROCKET KNIFE! …after my burns heal ;) [The Backyard Scientist]

A Look at Why Some People Sleepwalk [Science Video]

Sleepwalking (somnambulism) is quite common but why do people do it? Is waking up a sleepwalking person bad for them? Let’s find out! [Life Noggin]

A Look at 8 Lesser-Known, Useful Elements [Science Video]

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