Sonoluminescence: When Sound Creates Light

In this segment of the SciShow, host Hank Green tells us all about sonoluminescence, the phenomenon where sound (at a certain frequency) creates an imploding bubble and generates light when going through a liquid. So, a mantis shrimp’s claws are pretty strong… so strong that they can produce a bubble that’s about as hot as […]

Is Organic Food Worse For You? [Science Video]

Is organic food all it’s cracked up to be? Or is it potentially worse for you and the environment? For plants, the term organic means something that is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Many people buy organic food hoping to feel healthier and potentially have a positive impact on the environment, […]

Obama: No, Seriously, Lets Go To Mars

President Obama has renewed a call for an American crew to walk on Mars by the 2030s. He says such a mission will require collaboration between private companies and government agencies. It’s the same timetable Obama gave in speeches in 2010 and 2015. However, articles by both Obama and NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden published this […]

Is it Bad to Hold Your Pee? [Science Video]

So I’m holding my pee right now to watch this. I’ll find out if this is a bad thing or not by the end of the video. Humans should urinate at least four to six times a day, but occasionally, the pressures of modern life force us to clench and hold it in. How bad […]

The Tiny Fish That’s Changing Modern Medicine [Science Video]

In this fantastic video from The SciShow, host Michael Aranda tells us all about the Zebra Fish, a small fish that helps scientist better understand how diseases can develop in human beings. The little fish Danio rerio holds secrets to understanding how vertebrates develop, how diseases like cancer work, and how we might one day […]

Why Doesn’t Time Flow Backwards? [Science Video]

A fantastic video from the always very informative and enlightening folks over at Minute Physics: This video is about why entropy gives rise to the arrow of time, and also how the initial low-entropy condition of the universe is responsible for the fact that we experience time right now, and how ultimately it will lead […]

Can Roller Coasters Help You Pass Kidney Stones? [Science Video]

If you’ve ever passed a kidney stone, you know how painful the experience can be. They can also take a long time to get out of your system, leaving you in intermittent periods of suffering which apparently is one of the worst thing someone can go through. Some people even compare the process to giving […]

DID YOU KNOW: You Have A Second Brain – Your Gut [Science Video]

Did you know that human beings have a second brain, and it might control you far more thank you could think: Your gut and some of the bacteria that live in it, also known as the Enteric nervous system. Check it out! The enteric nervous system has been described as a “second brain” for several […]

Could Human Civilization Spread Across the Whole Galaxy? [Science Video]

Could human civilization eventually spread across the whole Milky Way galaxy? Could we move beyond our small, blue planet to establish colonies in the multitude of star systems out there? These questions are pretty daunting, but their (theoretical) answers were actually put forth decades ago. Roey Tzezana describes the conceptual von Neumann machine. [Source: TED […]

The Smokin’ Science of Fire Extinguishers

An interesting presentation that takes a look at the science of fire extinguishers: Different fuels create different kinds of fires, and each of these fires need to be extinguished using a very specific method requiring a certain class of extinguisher depending on the type of fire you’re dealing with. Water is often not effective enough […]

The Science Behind Railguns, ElectroBOOM Style [Video]

Electrical Engineer Mehdi Sadaghdar decided he wanted to try to make a railgun, so he built a very simple one to show you how the technology works, ElectroBoom style. And yes, as with most of his videos, the man end up getting shocked, but he’s a professional, so he’s supposed to know what he’s doing, […]

Introducing the SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System

So, who’s signing up to be on board? Watch the video below! Impressive, isn’t it? Now the question is, how many years will it take until we see an actual version of this spaceship? Elon Musk hopes that we will be sending humans to Mars by 2024. “The basic game plan is we’re going to […]