Atlantic hurricane season 2023: El Niño and extreme Atlantic Ocean heat are about to clash

Hurricane Florence, seen from the International Space Station in 2018. Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to Nov. 30. NASA Christina Patricola, Iowa State University The Atlantic hurricane season starts on June 1, and forecasters are keeping a close eye on rising ocean temperatures, and not just in the Atlantic. Globally, warm sea surface […]

Ebola: The epidemics that almost happened [Science Video]

In 2013, an Ebola outbreak began in Guinea. The country had no formal response system and the outbreak became the largest Ebola epidemic in recorded history. Guinea then completely overhauled their response system, and were able to successfully combat another outbreak in 2021. So what does an effective epidemic response look like? George Zaidan explores […]

Pulmonologist Answers Lung Questions From the Internet [Video]

Pulmonologist Dr. Ravi Kalhan answers the internet’s burning questions about our lungs. What happens to your lungs if you vape? How do our lungs know the difference between oxygen and carbon dioxide? How much snot can your lungs hold? Does lung cancer only happen because of smoking? Dr. Kalhan answers all these questions and much […]

How the Circumference of Earth Was Calculated Over 2200 Years Ago by Eratosthenes

From Carl Sagan: Eratosthenes’s only tools were sticks, eyes, feet and brains. Plus a zest for experimenting. With those tools, he correctly deduced the circumference of the Earth, to high precision. With an error of only a few percent. That’s pretty good figuring for 2,200 years ago.” Seriously, Greek scientist Eratosthenes did not only figure […]

Is it normal to talk to yourself? [Science Video]

Feeling embarrassed when getting caught talking to yourself? You are not alone. Unfortunately, many think this type of behavior is a sign of mental instability, but do not worry: extensive research spanning several decades reveals that talking to oneself is entirely normal. In fact, the majority, if not all, of us engage in some form […]

The thinking error that makes people susceptible to climate change denial

Expecting black-and-white answers can make it hard to see the truth. bubaone via Getty Images Jeremy P. Shapiro, Case Western Reserve University Cold spells often bring climate change deniers out in force on social media, with hashtags like #ClimateHoax and #ClimateScam. Former President Donald Trump often chimes in, repeatedly claiming that each cold snap disproves […]

WATER WORLDS: Hideouts for Alien Life? [Science Video]

Far beyond Earth, a new type of alien water planet could be speckling our galaxy by the billions, like cosmic dew drops. These “Hycean Planets” range up to ten times the mass of the Earth, containing mega-oceans that could stretch down hundreds of kilometers. Their extreme pressures keep their water liquid across a wide range […]