Every Optical Illusion Explained in 8 Minutes

Every famous optical illusion explained in 8 minutes by The Paint Explainer! — TIMESTAMPS — 0:00 Motion Aftereffect 0:18 Ames Room 0:39 Flashed Face Distortion Effect 0:51 Stepping Feet Illusion 1:03 Silencing Effect 1:21 Afterimage 1:39 Color Dove Illusion 1:53 Impossible Object 2:11 Hybrid Image 2:30 Ponzo Illusion 2:42 Poggendorff Illusion 2:53 Forced Perspective 3:05 […]

Exposing Edison: The Truth Behind His Alleged Inventions

Thomas Edison: a name synonymous with innovation. But did he truly invent everything attributed to him? While Edison is commonly credited with the invention of the light bulb, there is plenty of evidences suggesting otherwise. Who truly deserves recognition for this groundbreaking invention? This question serves as the focal point of the exploration into Edison’s […]

Solar eclipses result from a fantastic celestial coincidence of scale and distance

Solar eclipses happen because of a few factors, including the Moon’s size and distance from the Sun. AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley Christopher Palma, Penn State On April 8, 2024, millions across the U.S. will have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to view a total solar eclipse. Cities including Austin, Texas; Buffalo, New York; and Cleveland, Ohio, will […]

NASA’s search for life on Mars: a rocky road for its rovers, a long slog for scientists – and back on Earth, a battle of the budget

Amy J. Williams, University of Florida Is or was there life on Mars? That profound question is so complex that it will not be fully answered by the two NASA rovers now exploring it. But because of the literal groundwork the rovers are performing, scientists are finally investigating, in-depth and in unprecedented detail, the planet’s […]

High-energy laser weapons: A defense expert explains how they work and what they are used for

The USS Portland test-fires a laser weapon. The photo captured infrared light to make the beam visible. Staff Sgt. Donald Holbert/Marine Corps via AP Iain Boyd, University of Colorado Boulder Nations around the world are rapidly developing high-energy laser weapons for military missions on land and sea, and in the air and space. Visions of […]

Which Is Worse: Underpopulation Or Overpopulation?

In the following video, MinuteEarth addresses the once-dire predictions of an unsustainable global population explosion that have not come to pass. The video explains how demographic fears from the Baby Boomers’ era about exponential growth have been mitigated by a combination of factors, leading to a slowdown in global population growth. It highlights the complex […]

How does alcohol cause blackouts? [Science Video]

Alcohol has been shown to have strange and selective effects on the brain. Many intoxicated people can perform complex tasks like holding a detailed conversation or navigating a walk home. Yet for those experiencing a blackout, the memory of these events is quickly forgotten. So, how does alcohol cause these memory lapses? Explore how alcohol […]

Shining a Light on Disinfection: Unlocking the Potential of Far-UVC Rays

When we think about disinfecting, wipes, gels, and sprays often come to mind, but what about light? UV light has been known for over a century as a powerful germ killer, yet it’s been largely overlooked. But why? For many, the it’s all about the association with harmful UV rays from the sun, which can […]