Sand Could Store Spare Solar Power

A silo of sand could be the key to using renewable energy more efficiently according to an experiment in Finland. The first commercial “sand battery” could store heat for several months before using it to heat water. The project aims to tackle one of the big problems with energy generation methods such as solar and […]

The Science of How Parrots Talk [Video]

Whether they’re belting Beyoncé, head-banging to classic rock, or rattling off curse words at zoo-goers, parrots are constantly astounding us. They are among the only animals that produce human speech, and some parrots do it almost uncannily well. How is this possible? Grace Smith-Vidaurre and Tim Wright dig into the anatomy that allows parrots to […]

Mars Rover Picks Up Hitchhiker

It may be unscientific personification to think of the Perseverance rover as being lonely on Mars, but now it turns out to have adopted a pet rock. NASA recently discovered the rock has been stuck in Perseverance’s wheel since early February. So far it’s hitched a ride totalling 5.3 miles. It was discovered thanks to […]