The Secret Language of Trees – How Trees Communicate

Most of the forest lives in the shadow of the giants that make up the highest canopy. These are the oldest trees, with hundreds of children and grandchildren. They check in with their neighbors, share food, supplies and wisdom gained over their lives, all while rooted in place. How do they do this? Camille Defrenne […]

What Happens To Your Body If You Get Stabbed? [Science Video]

A look at what happens to your body when you get stabbed, and no, the answer isn’t just “YOU DIE!” [Life Noggin]

No, Cell Phones Aren’t Giving Kids Horns, Seriously…

You might have seen this story circulating on social media…but we’re here to let you know that children are NOT growing horns because they use cellphones. This is a great opportunity to learn from what can happen when both peer review and science journalism go wrong! [SciShow]

How Do Crystals Work and Grow? [Science Video]

What makes crystals grow into their signature shapes? Dig into the atomic patterns and unique properties of crystals. [TED Ed]

Oh the Horror: Carnivorous Plants Eating Insects [Time Lapse Video]

This is basically just like a horror film… for insects. From Chris Field: The completed Biolapse film of carnivorous plants. Over a year of effort, with 107 days of straight shooting with 2 cameras. I started out building timelapse equipment so I could go do timelapse. Then people started giving me money to build them […]

Can You Guess The True Color Of These Balls?

Just like the gold or blue dress illusion, can you guess the color of these balls? Are they red, green, or blue? This new optical illusion by Professor David Novick from the University of Texas at El Paso plays a trick on your mind: The balls are all of the same color: light-brown. (RGB 255,188,144) […]

How Measles Vaccines Protect You From Other Diseases [Science Video]

Since measles vaccines started making their rounds, child mortality has dropped by up to 90% percent in some countries. That’s more than you’d expect if the measles vaccine just prevented deaths from measles. Can science explain this increased survival rate? [SciShow]

The Beauty of SpaceX Rocket Launches in Ultra Slow Motion

In this Koyaanisqatsi inspired trailer, two filmmakers use autonomous cameras placed at SpaceX launchpads to show the stunning and arresting beauty of our grand adventure to space. [Cosmic Perspective]