Amazing Video Shows the Mesmerizing Movement of Plankton

From Jan van IJken: Planktonium is a short film by Jan van IJken about the unseen world of living microscopic plankton. It is a voyage into a secret universe, inhabited by alien-like creatures. These stunningly beautiful, very diverse and numerous organisms are unknown to most of us because they are invisible to the naked eye. […]

Hypnotic 4K Video Shows the Sun Rotating Over the Course of a Month

From Seán Doran: 78,846 frames of ångström-171 data from Solar Dynamics Observatory were repaired, processed & rescaled to create the film, which is the month of August from 2014. These frames amount to 22 minutes of footage at 60 frames per second. The opposite limb of the Sun is shown in the second half of […]

A Scientifically Accurate Demonstration of the Death Star [Video]

The Death Star, as seen in the original Star Wars trilogy, has nothing to do with how laser weapon actually work. Here is a short 35-second video showing the space station firing on a fleet of ships in a scientifically accurate way. Sure, it might not be as visually stunning as in the movies, but […]

How to get better at video games, according to babies

In 2013, a group of researchers wanted to create an AI system that could beat every Atari game. They developed a system called Deep Q Networks (DQN) and less than two years later, it was superhuman. But there was one notable exception. When playing Montezuma’s Revenge, DQN couldn’t score a single point. What was it […]

Man Makes Liquid Venom Suit That Expands to Cover His Body [Video]

Youtuber Jake Laser made a real liquid Venom suit that actually expands to cover his whole body. The first part of the suit is made form magnetic beads, and then Laser dips his arm into a vat of ferrofluid, a black magnetic liquid saturated with iron particles, allowing the liquid to crawl up onto his […]