Starchiness: A Sixth Taste Discovered?

Starch could be a taste in its own right, newly-published research suggests. Tests found subjects could detect the taste as separate from sweetness in carbohydrate-rich foods. While we can detect countless flavors — each a combination of taste and aroma –, the standard explanation at the moment is that we can only detect five distinct […]

Are Hand Dryers Sanitary? [Science Video]

Public bathrooms are teeming with microbes! You know to wash your hands, but when choosing between a hand dryer or a paper towel to dry them off— what’s your cleanest bet? [SciShow]

Why is Chocolate Bad for Dogs? [Science Video]

You may have heard that chocolate is high on the list of things that dogs should not be eating, but have you ever wondered why? One molecule, theobromine, is the central culprit to chocolate’s toxicity to dogs. Today Reactions is taking a closer look at the stuff, how much is too much, and also give […]

New Discovery: The Oldest Fossils Ever Found!

Scientists have found fossils that show life appearing on Earth much earlier than we thought. Meanwhile, could there be a new fundamental force? [SciShow]

The Invisible Creatures That Keep You Alive! [Science Video]

In this episode of “It’s Okay to Be Smart”, host Joe Hanson takes a look at our Microbiome, the system of invisible (to us) Microbes that keeps us alive. [It’s Ok To Be Smart]

Why Don’t Oil and Water Mix While Salt and Water Does? [Science Video]

Salt dissolves in water; oil does not. But why? You can think of that glass of water as a big, bumpin’ dance party where the water molecules are always switching dance partners — and they’d much rather dance with a salt ion. John Pollard explains how two chemistry principles, energetics and entropy, rule the dance […]

How Exactly Do You Hear Things? [Science Video]

Sound is a beautiful thing, but do you know we actually hear? This video takes a look at how our ears process sound. [Life Noggin]

How YOU Will Die According to Science [Video]

Have you ever wanted to know how & when you will die? Science might have an answer… [AsapSCIENCE]

‘Mars Visitors’ Return After Year-Long Mission

Six people have finished a year of isolation designed to replicate life on Mars. The crew have been inside a 36 by 20 foot dome near a Hawaiian volcano. It’s the third and longest such mission following previous experiments lasting four and eight months. While similar studies have concentrated on the long journey inside a […]

Why Do My Eyes Glow Red in Photos? [Science Video]

You know how sometimes your eyes glow bright red in photos, making you look like a scary demon and ruining a priceless family memory? Well, there’s a pretty cool reason it happens and ways to stop it! Learn all about it in this episode of SciShow! [SciShow]

Meteorite or Meteorwrong: A Self-Test Check-List [Flowchart]

Is it a meteorite or is it not? A handy flowchart from the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences of the Washington University in St. Louis: Oh, and for those too lazy to Google it, here’s the definition of a regmaglypt: A shallow indentation or pit on the surface of a meteorite, resembling a thumbprint […]

Aurora Borealis Scientists Embarrassed By Lawnmower Fail

A university’s prediction that the Northern Lights would be widely visible turned out to be a mistake caused by a lawnmower. The Aurora Watch service, based at Lancaster University in the UK, forecasts likely sightings of the Aurora Borealis, a natural colored light show caused by solar winds disturbing the Earth’s magnetosphere. Forecasting is of […]