Does Cough Medicine Really Work? [Science Video]

What do you do when you have a bad cough? If you reach for the yummy, cherry-flavored cough medicine, you’re not alone. Every year, people spend billions of dollars on this stuff. But does cough medicine actually work? In this video, the folks from the American Chemical Society explain the chemistry behind cough medicine, and […]

The Universe is a Series of Brilliant Accidents [Video]

Brilliant accidents on the way to oblivion. That’s a rather poetic way to describe the universe, don’t you think? En case you need a crash course about what “Entropy” is, here’s the perfect video to help you understand the concept: [exurb1a]

Hammering Rubber Nails With a Mercury Hammer [Video]

Mercury is beautiful. It’s the only metal that’s a liquid at room temperature and pressure. In its liquid state the atoms have enough thermal energy to overcome the rigid metallic bonds that confine most metals to solids at room temperature. The third law of thermodynamics links temperature and entropy. Olympia Brown explores this relationship, freezing […]

7 Scientific Reasons Why Your New Year Will Suck [Video]

It’s been a rough year, but here are some surprising scientific reasons your New Year’s isn’t going to be any better! Learn why in the latest video from ASAP Science! [ASAP Science]

How Does Alcohol Get You Drunk? [Science Video]

It’s almost time to ring in 2017. And since most New Year’s celebrations include alcohol, Reactions’ latest episode explains the chemistry behind its effects – drunkenness, frequent bathroom breaks and occasionally poor decision-making. [Reactions]

∞²: Explaining the Different Types of Time Travel Used in Pop Culture [Video]

Again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again. [Source: VSauce 3 | Via Laughing Squid]

Bullet vs Prince Rupert’s Drop at 150,000 FPS [Video]

Wow. Just wow. Watch as Destin from Smarter Every Day fires a Bullet at a Prince Rupert’s Drop and films the whole thing at 150,000 frames per second. [Smarter Every Day]

The Year in News: What Happened Next (Stories From March-April 2016)

Let’s continue our look back at some of the news stories we’ve covered here at GaS in 2016 as well as following up on later developments. In March the Department of Defense launched a challenge for “white hat hackers” to try to breach their computer systems. Sensibly enough it was limited to approved US participants […]

The “Cold” Truth About Fat [Science Video]

With the feasts and festivities of the holidays in full swing, we’ll be kissing the passing year goodbye, but not without the addition of a couple extra pounds as a souvenir. Lucky for you, the winter also brings something that might actually help you lose that 2015 souvenir of yours: freezing cold weather. Today we’re […]

Look at My Dob: A Rap about Dobsonian Telescopes [Video]

My pal Coma Niddy is back from the dead, and today, he teaches us all about Dobsonian telescopes in his latest song: Look at My Dob! A Dobsonian telescope is an altazimuth-mounted Newtonian telescope design popularized by John Dobson starting in the 1960s and credited with vastly increasing the size of telescopes available to amateur […]

Smarter Every Day: How to MINE OPAL gems in the OUTBACK

Don’t you just love Destin Sandlin? That guy is one of the rare Youtubers that will actually go on site to show you things you’ll never learn anywhere else. Check him out in the latest episode of “Smarter Every Day” as he mines Opal in the Australian outback with a 77-year-old man that has been […]

A Really Great Big Story: The Last Time Humans Landed on the Moon [Video]

Please note that the following film features rarely seen and newly restored footage of humanity’s last journey to the moon. On December 7, 1972, NASA launched Apollo 17, a lunar mission crewed by Eugene Cernan, Ronald Evans and Harrison Schmitt. It would be the last time humans traveled beyond low Earth orbit, the last time […]