Why Are You Anxious: The Science of Anxiety [Video]

Watch as Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown from ASAP Science explain the science behind Anxiety in their latest video. [ASAP Science]

Why Is It So Hard To Cure Cancer? [Video]

We’ve harnessed electricity, sequenced the human genome, and eradicated smallpox. But after billions of dollars in research, we haven’t found a solution for a disease that affects more than 14 million people and their families at any given time. Why is it so difficult to cure cancer? Kyuson Yun explains the challenges. [TED Ed]

Polyethylene Glycol: The Amazing Liquid that Pours Itself [Video]

In this video, Youtuber “The Action Lab” showcases a really interesting high-molecular weight polymer that can self-siphon and pour itself our of a beaker. The reason it can do this is because it can be made to have a very high molecular weight. The solution in the video has a MW of 1,000,000 while water […]

Gravitational Waves Explained for the Layman [Video]

Animator Eoin Duffy and Amber L. Stuver of TED Ed teamed up to create this video explaining how gravitational waves work. This is by far the most simple and easy to understand video I’ve seen on the subject, so if you want to learn more about this phenomenon, I strongly suggest that you watch this! […]

RIP Monty Hall: Explaining the Monty Hall Problem

Update: This article was originally posted in May 2010. We’ve just learned that Canadian-American game show host Monty Hall died last Saturday at the age of 96. Read more about the puzzle that was named after him below. It’s a fact: a lot of people get confused over probability problems. For example, most geek reading […]

How Bacteria Rule Over Your Body – The Microbiome

We all know it, bacteria rule over our body, some of them good, such as those helping us digest food, and some are bad, trying to put an end to us all the time. Watch and listen as “Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell” explains the mysterious world of our microbiome. [Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell]

Neil deGrasse Tyson Answers Science Questions From Twitter

Astrophysicist and ‘StarTalk’ host Neil deGrasse Tyson uses the power of Twitter to answer some common questions about our universe. What is a quark? Is there a limit to the expansion of the universe? [Wired]

Why Is The Universe So Empty? (ft. PHD Comics!)

Why is the universe organized the way it is? And why is it so empty? From planets and stars to superclusters and galactic filaments, the universe’s largest structures formed because of its smallest. In this special collaboration with PHD Comics, we’ll learn how the earliest, quantumest blips seeded the structure of everything everywhere. [It’s Okay […]

The Science of Dragons is Mostly Right in Game of Thrones! (According to Neil deGrasse Tyson)

Yeah, we all know that flying dragons aren’t actually a thing in this world, but in Westeros, they’re quite real. What this world has, however, is Neil deGrasse Tyson, the astrophysicist who enjoys destroying movies and shows that defy the laws of physics. A few days ago, the man has started tweeting some facts about […]

See Through Suppressor in Super Slow Motion (110,000 fps) [Video]

A fantastic new episode of Smarter Every Day where host Destin Sandlin films bullets going through several see through suppressor in super slow motion at 110,000 frames per second. [Smarter Every Day]

The Scientific Reason Why Grandmas Are So Short [Video]

Nutrition during the first few years of life has a huge impact on adult height, and since nutrition has been getting better over time, humanity – including your family – is getting taller. [MinuteEarth]

Why Do Some People Tolerate Spicy Food? [Science Video]

Some people can eat raw jalapeños like they’re apples. Why do some people have a high tolerance for spicy food while others can’t stand it? SciShow explores the science of spicy food tolerance. [SciShow]