Why So Many Meteorites Come From The Same Place

Because of space physics, one faraway asteroid is likely the progenitor of almost a third of all the meteorites on Earth. Watch this episode of MinuteEarth to find out exactly where all these meteorites come from. [MinuteEarth]

Large Hadron Collider Reveals New Type Of Particle

Scientists using the Large Hadron Collider have identified a form of particle that until now was only theoretical. Dubbed Xi-cc++, it’s the first double heavy particle, something that might help reveal more about how atoms hold together. The BBC explains that every particle is made up of quarks, each of which is of a particular […]

The Science of Bioluminescence: Nature’s Fireworks

Nearly all life on Earth is ultimately powered by light. But many creatures have learned how to make their own. This week we investigate the beautiful phenomenon of bioluminescence. From blinking fireflies on summer nights to glowing deep sea monsters, prepare to learn about the chemistry of living light. [It’s Okay To Be Smart]

Do You Have What It Takes To Live On Mars?

Could you handle life on mars? The guys from ASAP Science explain exactly what is involved when it comes to living on the red planet. But the most important question remains: Is there Wi-Fi on Mars? [ASAPScience]

10 Lies You Still Believe About Space

Space. It’s the final frontier and one of the great unknowns for mankind. But you probably don’t even know what you don’t know about it. So sit back and find out why your 4th grade science teacher was probably completely off. [Alltime10s]

Hydrodynamic Levitation! [Video]

From Veritasium: My friend Blake from InnoVinci emailed me with a cool idea for a video and footage of levitating balls in water streams. Initially it was tough to explain the physics of what was going on. The standard Bernoulli effect relies on the object being completely immersed in the upward-flowing fluid. But in this […]

Actress and Scientist Mayim Bialik Explains How and Why DNA is Amazing[Video]

From Mayim Bialik, Neuroscientist and actress on The Big Bang Theory: Here’s me discussing the beauty and complexity of DNA with an emphasis on seeing mine in my kids. We are all made of the same exact molecules and that’s amazing. [Mayim Bialik]

Why Olive Oil is Awesome [Science Video]

Whether you sop it up with bread or use it to boost your cooking, olive oil is awesome. But a lot of chemistry goes on in that bottle that can make or break a product. Take the “extra virgin” standard: Chemistry tells us that a higher free-fatty-acid content leads to a lower grade, less tasty […]

Is Space an Abscence of Things or is It a Thing Itself? [Science Video]

Since the days of Ancient Greece, philosophers and scientists have been wondering: What is space? Is the absence of things… a thing? These questions continued to fascinate physicists in the modern era, leading Isaac Newton, Ernst Mach, and Albert Einstein to wonder about the true nature of the fabric of the cosmos. The search for […]

QUESTION: Can You Remember This? [Science Video]

Warning: This video can implant a false memory. [ASAPSCIENCE]

How to See the Invisible [Science Video]

Check out this fun and enlightening video by Derek Muller from Veritasium showing a setup that will allow you to see the invisible at home: light, energy, and the constant chemical reactions around us everyday. I first saw a Schlieren imaging setup around ten years ago in Melbourne. I was immediately fascinated by the way […]

What If The Whole World Went Vegetarian? [Science Video]

If everyone in the world became vegetarian today, what would the impact be? ASAP Science breaks down the fascinating outcomes in their new video. [ASAP Science]