Exploding stars are rare but emit torrents of radiation − if one happened close enough to Earth, it could threaten life on the planet

Massive dying stars emit large amounts of radiation. NASA/ESA/Hubble SM4 ERO Team via AP Chris Impey, University of Arizona Stars like the Sun are remarkably constant. They vary in brightness by only 0.1% over years and decades, thanks to the fusion of hydrogen into helium that powers them. This process will keep the Sun shining […]

DNA says you’re related to a Viking, a medieval German Jew or a 1700s enslaved African? What a genetic match really means

A genetic match to an ancient person doesn’t mean you’re more related genealogically. Mark Edward Atkinson/Tetra Images via Getty Images Shai Carmi, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Harald Ringbauer, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology In 2022, we reported the DNA sequences of 33 medieval people buried in a Jewish cemetery in Germany. Not long […]

Scientists Break World Record with 4.5 Million Times Faster Broadband

In a landmark achievement poised to revolutionize internet connectivity, scientists from Aston University, in collaboration with international partners, have shattered records by making broadband speeds 4.5 million times faster. This amazing feat, achieved through the utilization of previously untapped wavelengths, promises to alleviate the frustrations of sluggish internet connections experienced by millions worldwide. Partnering with […]

Total solar eclipses, while stunning, can damage your eyes if viewed without the right protection

Solar eclipses don’t come around often, but make sure to view these rare events with eclipse glasses to protect your vision. AP Photo/Charlie Riedel Geoffrey Bradford, West Virginia University On April 8, 2024, and for the second time in the past decade, people in the U.S. will have an opportunity to view a total solar […]

Journey to the Microcosmos: How Do We Find Cancer?

In the latest episode from “Journey to the Microcosmos,” the channel takes a slight detour from its usual explorations of the fascinating microscopic world to address a topic that hits closer to home for many: cancer. Renowned for diving deep into the realms where microbes reign supreme, this episode shifts focus towards human health, specifically […]

Forget Mobius Strips! Mobius Cubes are Much Cooler! [Video]

Ever wondered how a Möbius strip, with its single twisted side, translates into a three-dimensional form? Watch as Brandon from Inheritance Machining engineers and crafts a Möbius cube from a single block of steel. Unlike its two-dimensional counterpart, this cube maintains a single continuous side, presenting a challenge that pushes the boundaries of precision and […]

Every Optical Illusion Explained in 8 Minutes

Every famous optical illusion explained in 8 minutes by The Paint Explainer! — TIMESTAMPS — 0:00 Motion Aftereffect 0:18 Ames Room 0:39 Flashed Face Distortion Effect 0:51 Stepping Feet Illusion 1:03 Silencing Effect 1:21 Afterimage 1:39 Color Dove Illusion 1:53 Impossible Object 2:11 Hybrid Image 2:30 Ponzo Illusion 2:42 Poggendorff Illusion 2:53 Forced Perspective 3:05 […]

Exposing Edison: The Truth Behind His Alleged Inventions

Thomas Edison: a name synonymous with innovation. But did he truly invent everything attributed to him? While Edison is commonly credited with the invention of the light bulb, there is plenty of evidences suggesting otherwise. Who truly deserves recognition for this groundbreaking invention? This question serves as the focal point of the exploration into Edison’s […]