What Does A Cochlear Implant Sound Like?

Cochlear implants don’t generate sound like a hearing aid would. Instead, they zap your cochlea. Find out exacly how they work in this episode of SciShow. [SciShow] Advertisements


What if Earth Was Hit by a Giant Solar Flare?

Solar storms are really common, but occasionally they can be huge, causing more than pretty light shows in the auroras. What would happen nowadays if we had a massive solar storm? [SciShow Space]

XY Cell Life: A Rap Music Video About Genetics

Morehouse College student Julien Turner wrote this song after his biology professor offered to give an extra credit to students who made a music video about one of the subjects that was covered in class. Lyrics: DNA starts to unwind The RNA reads the other side Meiosis is the key to making life Mitosis copies […]

If Juice Cleanse Ads Were Honest [Video]

Your body can detox itself just fine without all those crappy juices and products. Feeling bloated and need to detox? Well, drinking salad in liquid form will absolutely not help you at all, but boy will you feel Hashtag-virtuous when you share pictures of yourself with our beautiful juice cleanse bottles all across social media. […]

How to Cure Aging – During Your Lifetime? [Science Video]

What if we could stop aging forever? This video by “In a Nutshell” takes a look at 3 techniques that will soon begin human trials and could be used to prolong our lifespan in the near future. [Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell]

Women of NASA LEGO Is Best Seller

A Lego set commemorating Women of NASA has topped Amazon’s top-seller chart for toys and games. The set followed a suggestion from the public. The Lego Ideas program lets people “vote” to lend their support to a suggestion, with the company formally considering any that get the support of 10,000 people. Maia Weinstock, who made […]

What’s the Best Way to Rescue a Drowned Phone?

The best way to rescue a phone or piece of electronics that “drowned” under water. Step 1: Act quickly and turn it off (if it’s still on) Step 2: Do NOT attempt to turn it on if the screen is black Step 3: Dry your gadget with a piece of cloth. Step 4: Put your […]

How Time Travel Works In Fiction

Different works of fiction have different logic and physics takes on exactly how time travel works in their creative universe. Here’s a great rundown of some of the variants.