Myths and Facts About Superintelligent AI

We live in an era of self driving cars, autonomous drones, deep learning algorithms, computers that beat humans at chess and go, and so on. So it’s natural to ask, will artificial superintelligence replace humans, take our jobs, and destroy human civilization? Or will AI just become tools like regular computers. AI researcher Max Tegmark […]

Why Black Holes Could Delete The Universe – The Information Paradox

Black holes are scary things. But they also might reveal the true nature of the universe to us. [Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell]

Why Superhydrophobic Materials Never Get Wet [Science Video]

Raincoats, car windshields, waterproof phones: They all use a little chemistry to stay dry. Inspired by nature, chemists use extremely water-fearing, or superhydrophobic, coatings to repel water from surfaces to keep them dry. Watch as the Reactions team uses a high-speed camera and some brave volunteers to bring the science of staying dry to life. […]

Are You Above Or Below Average? [Video]

How do you compare to the average? Find out in this video from AsapSCIENCE. [AsapSCIENCE]

Will the Ocean Ever Run Out of Fish?

When most people think of fishing, we imagine relaxing in a boat and patiently reeling in the day’s catch. But modern industrial fishing — the kind that stocks our grocery shelves — looks more like warfare. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Jennifer Jacquet explain overfishing and its effects on ecosystems, food security, jobs, economies, and coastal […]

Why Does Humidity Make It Feel Hotter? [Science Video]

It turns out there’s a scientific explanation behind the saying, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!” Learn why a hot and humid day feels so dismal and some tips to avoid the really sweaty, gross days on today’s Quick Question! [SciShow]

Why Do Your Eyes Get Red in the Pool?

It’s not just chlorine that irritates your eyes in a pool. It’s actually something a lot more disgusting. Watch this episode of SciShow to learn more about what can hide in your pool. [SciShow]

Voyager 2’s 11 Billion Mile Journey at a Human Scale [Video]

40 years later, Voyager 2 is really, really, really, really far from Earth. [Vox]

What Are The Chances You ACTUALLY Have ADHD? (ft. Mayim Bialik)

What is ADHD, really? Mayim Bialik from The Big Bang Theory joins the team from Life Noggin to discuss common signs and symptoms. [Life Noggin]

What Happens If We Throw an Elephant From a Skyscraper? [Science Video]

Warning: Don’t attempt throwing an elephant from a skyscraper. This is a really, really, really bad idea. :) Size is the most under appreciated regulators of living things. [Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell]

Will Batteries One Day Power The World? The Limits Of Lithium-ion [Video]

Can Batteries Power Everything? This video is about the physical and chemical limitations to electrolytic batteries, and how we might surpass the energy density and specific energy of lithium-ion batteries (like the Panasonic 18650 batteries used in the Tesla Model S, for example). [Minute Physics]

How Much of That Thing Will Kill You [Science Video]

A lot of things can kill you when consumed in sufficient quantity. Here are some surprising ones! [ASAP Science]