Blood Test For Early Cancer Diagnosis Could Be Viable

Researchers say a blood test combining two different types of clue could make it easier to detect cancers in early stages. The ‘CancerSEEK’ test combines both DNA mutation and released proteins to spot the cancer. To date, blood tests have just concentrated on one of the two approaches. The former takes advantage of the way […]

The Only Video You’ll Ever Need to Watch About Gluten

Bakers on TV are always talking about whether their bakes have enough gluten. But the masses on Twitter act like it’s some kind of monster hiding in your bread. So what gives? Is gluten good, or is gluten bad? Watch Reactions’ latest video to find out! [Reactions]

Is Sitting Too Close to the TV Really Bad for You? [Science Video]

It may be antiquated now, but the old pearl of wisdom: “Don’t sit too close to the TV” was good advice in the 1960s, but not anymore… [SciShow]

Climate Change: Earth’s giant game of Tetris [Science Video]

There’s a game of Tetris happening on a global scale: The playing space is planet Earth, and all those pesky, stacking blocks represent carbon dioxide — a greenhouse gas that is piling up ever more rapidly as we burn the fossil fuels that run our cars, factories and power plants. Joss Fong outlines how this […]

How We Know Black Holes Exist [Science Video]

This video is about the astronomical amount of astronomical evidence for black holes, ranging from x-ray binaries with accretion disks, supermassive infrared-radiating galactic nuclei black holes, orbital characteristics of high mass binaries, and direct gravitational wave detection of inspiraling merging black hole binaries with LIGO. Yes, they’re real. [Minute Physics]

A Disease’s Guide to World Domination

There’s something surprising that helps determine how damaging a disease is: distance. [MinuteEarth]

The 1918 Pandemic: The Deadliest Flu in History

The science behind why the 1918 flu is “the mother of all pandemics” continues to challenge scientists today. Olivia from SciShow sheds some light on why this flu was so powerful and what we learned from it. [SciShow]

How Adrenaline Can Turn You Into The Hulk [Science Video]

When you get excited, you might feel the rush of adrenaline. Why does this chemical make us feel so strong and powerful? Pat Graziosi from Life Noggin explains you why. [Life Noggin]

How the US Launched Its First Satellite

60 years ago, in January 1958, the United States launched its first satellite, Explorer 1. Learn all about the event in this video from SciShow. [SciShow Space]

Can You Survive Only Eating Bacon? [Science Video]

What would happen to you if you chose to eat only one thing for the rest of your life, like bacon? Life Noggin explores that possibility in the video above. [Life Noggin]

The Unreasonable Efficiency of Black Holes [Science Video]

This video is about how efficient various reactions are at converting mass to energy (as we know from the Einstein mass-energy equivalence of E=mc^2). Antimatter is very efficient but it is not naturally-occurring. Chemical reactions like fire or explosions are very inefficient. Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion are better, but not amazing on an absolute […]

Could Humans Survive Prolonged Space Travel? [Science Video]

Prolonged space travel plays a severe toll on the human body: microgravity impairs muscle and bone growth, and high doses of radiation cause irreversible mutations. As we seriously consider the human species becoming space-faring, a big question stands: even if we do break free from Earth’s orbit, can we adapt to the extreme environments of […]