Space Elevator – Science Fiction or the Future of Mankind?


So. Space elevators, are they a thing we should be talking about? Let’s find out in the latest episode of “In a Nutshell.” [Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell]

Could You Outrun A Fart? [Science Video]


We know the speed of light and the speed of sound, what about the speed of a fart? ASAP Science is asking the hard hitting questions this week – Could You Outrun A Fart? [AsapScience]

The Chemistry of Perfect Coffee [Science Video]


It’s one of the most popular beverages in the world, and many of us rely on it to stay awake every day. But not every cup of coffee is created equal. From the bean to the brew, science can help you get the perfect cup. This week, Reactions goes on a quest for better coffee […]

The Pharmafist: 5 Deceits About Detox and Toxins [Comic]


Here at Geeks are Sexy, we’re all about getting the truth out there, and what better way to achieve this than through the power of science? Now, thank to Olivier Bernard, aka “The Pharmafist,” who uses humor and comics to inform the public about the true nature of the human body, you’ll finally have the […]

Super Slow Mo Video of Exploding Balloons Filled With Non-Newtonian Fluid


In partnership with Mark Rober, Youtuber the Backyard Scientist used a high speed camera to film some balloons filled with Non-Newtonian Fluid while they’re exploding. He then repeated the experiment with balloons filled with water to observe the difference. Check it out! [TheBackyardScientist]

Could ADHD Be An Evolutionary Advantage? [Science Video]


Could Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) be an evolutionary advantage? My son has ADHD and I can confirm that people who are affected by the condition can be incredibly resourceful when it comes to getting results for something that they’re really interested in. My wife and I suspect that we both have ADHD, but it […]

Happy Square Root Day!


Square Root Day occurs when the month and the day are the square root of the year. It only happens nine times in a century, and today is one of those days. The holiday is the brainchild of Sequoia High (Redwood City, California) driver education teacher Ron Gordon, who enjoys calendar quirks. What can you […]

Carl Sagan on Extraterrestrials [Video]


A fantastic animated version of an interview Studs Terkel did with Carl Sagan in 1985 about extraterrestrials and our inability to communicate with them. [Blank on Blank]

New Podcast Series Explores the Science of Crime Scenes

Forensic Geek logo

Detective Zack Foxen works for a police department in Georgia and he’s a huge nerd, especially when it comes to science — and fighting crime! His passion for solving crimes — and a prior background in theater and video production — led him to create “Forensic Geek Radio,” a podcast where he explores everything from the latest […]

The Future of Metallic Glass [Science Video]


Steel and plastic are essential to much of our infrastructure and technology. Steel is strong and hard, but difficult to shape intricately. Plastic can take on just about any form, but it’s weak and soft. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were one material as strong as the strongest steel and as shapeable as plastic? […]

Here’s Why You Should NEVER Bring Metal Objects Inside an MRI Machine [Video]


Here is why they do not allow people to have metal objects on them while entering an MRI machine. The experiment was performed using a 4 tesla MRI magnet that was about to be decommissioned. Note how magnetic objects let loose tend to oscillate along the magnet bore. That’s because the peak magnetic field gradients […]

Peanut Allergies: You’ve Been Doing It Wrong [Science Video]


Peanut allergies are among some of the most dangerous food allergies out there due to how commonly they are found in the food industry. For the past couple decades, peanut allergies have been on the rise in the United States, and scientists recently may have found out the reason why. [Reactions]