True Facts About Plants That Go Boom: The Explosive Secrets of Seed-Slinging Plants

Hold onto your gardening gloves, folks! In the latest episode of True Facts, Ze Frank dives into the world of plants that have taken “spreading seeds” to a whole new level—by literally going boom! You might think plants are all about peace and tranquility, right? “Oh, all I need is some dirt, sun, CO2, and […]

Boost your immune system with this centuries-old health hack: Vaccines

When it comes to vaccines and immune health, the results aren’t too good to be true. Jena Ardell/Moment via Getty Images Aimee Pugh Bernard, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and David Higgins, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus There are a dizzying number of tips, hacks and recommendations on how to stay healthy, from […]

‘Sleeping on it’ really does help and four other recent sleep research breakthroughs

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock Dan Denis, University of York Twenty-six years. That is roughly how much of our lives are spent asleep. Scientists have been trying to explain why we spend so much time sleeping since at least the ancient Greeks, but pinning down the exact functions of sleep has proven to be difficult. During the past […]

How Geckos Can Scale EVERYTHING: An Electron Dance at the Atomic Scale! [Video]

Geckos can scale amost everything without suction cups, velcro, or glue! They do it something much cooler: an actual electon dance at the atomic level! Gecko feet aren’t covered in suction cups or Velcro. They don’t squirt glue, or leave any footprints. Their secret is a herculean amount of grip — at the atomic scale. […]

Animals self-medicate with plants − behavior people have observed and emulated for millennia

A goat with an arrow wound nibbles the medicinal herb dittany. O. Dapper, CC BY Adrienne Mayor, Stanford University When a wild orangutan in Sumatra recently suffered a facial wound, apparently after fighting with another male, he did something that caught the attention of the scientists observing him. The animal chewed the leaves of a […]