Which Planet is Closest? (You are Probably Wrong!)

CGP Grey is back to lay some knowledge down. So which planet is closest to earth? Whatever you guess, you are wrong. The difference is in how we learned the planets in their order from the sun. They don’t line up that way in reality. Here we get an amazing visualization of the planets in […]

How to Bend Light at Home [Science Video]

Yes, you can bend light with a mirror, but did not you that there are plenty of other cool ways to do it? Here are a few other ones by MEL Chemistry (above) and Alejandro del Mazo Vivar (below.) [Via TA]

Hawking’s black hole paradox explained [Science Video]

Today, one of the biggest paradoxes in the universe threatens to unravel modern science: the black hole information paradox. Every object in the universe is composed of particles with unique quantum properties and even if an object is destroyed, its quantum information is never permanently deleted. But what happens to that information when an object […]

2019 Nikon Small World Microphotography Winners

You may be asking yourself how a turtle wound up in a microphotography contest. This inch-long fluorescent turtle embryo was not only accepted, but won first prize for Teresa Zgoda and Teresa Kugler in the 2019 Nikon Small World Microphotography competition. We assume the original is infinitely detailed, because the embryo really was photographed under […]

Death By Toilet Bowl Cleaning Could be a Thing

When things start looking grimy in the bathroom, and it’s time to whip out yellow gloves, the only thing that matters is getting the job done as soon as possible. So you open the cabinet, see a bunch of bottles and think “Hey, this cleans and that cleans, why not mix them all together? That’ll […]

Why Does Spicy Food Burn From Both End?

Sometimes your body won’t let you forget that spicy burrito you had yesterday! [SciShow]

How to 3D Print Human Tissue [Science Video]

There are currently hundreds of thousands of people on transplant lists, waiting for critical organs like kidneys, hearts and livers that could save their lives. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough donor organs available to fill that demand. What if, instead of waiting, we could create new, customized organs from scratch? Taneka Jones explores bioprinting, a new […]

NASA Reminds Us Why Space is Hard [Video]

Space travel is hard and unforgiving, but we have never been more ready to meet the unknown. Team members from NASA’s #Artemis program share the risks and rewards of this next era of exploration. Artemis will push the boundaries of human exploration and send the first woman and next man to the Moon by 2024, […]