Ikea & Lego To Work Together

Ikea is to team up with Lego, saying the resulting products will cover both adults and children. It’s playing catch-up on several fronts however.

The news emerged at a press event when Ikea said it will be partnering with several brands for next year, with confirmed products including a Sonos speaker that fits with some Ikea furniture. There’ll also be some sort of home fitness product in association with Adidas.

As for Lego, there’s not much detail other than that it was Lego that approached Ikea first. The partnership will include “finding a solution that can encourage more creative Lego play while at the same time pleasing parents’ interest in household look and feel to enable children and their parents to play together.”

A Lego executive said the products will cover “kids, but also parents and adults.”

Some of the possibilities being speculated about include actual Lego toys that are exclusive to Ikea; ‘real’ furniture with a Lego theme; and modular products specifically designed for playing with and storing Lego bricks.

It follows on from a couple of independent plays on both company’s products. A company called Evoblock sells individual blocks that you can combine to create furniture of the size and shape of your choice.

Meanwhile the Studa range of furniture comes with studded surfaces compatible with Lego bricks, letting you display your creativity or spell out curse words depending on your maturity.