Sewer Party: A Funny IT Chapter 2 Rap [Video]

Warning: You’ll be stuck with this song in your head all day. From Bonecage: This is the single greatest IT Chapter 2 rap song about clowns and poop that has ever been made. Huge thanks to JT Music, Daddyphatsnaps, and Dan Bull for helping me create a song that, as Dan put it, “Should not […]

Today’s Hottest Deal: OVER 3,000 Blu-Ray Movies For $10 or LESS Each! (Including The Anniversary Edition of The Dark Crystal)

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon offers thousands of blu-ray titles for under $10 each! Be sure to sort the type of movies that interest you using the categories on the left column at the link! The Anniversary Edition of The Dark Crystal is in there too! –THOUNSANDS of Blu-Rays For $10 […]

Dark Crystal Fans: Adopt an Adorable Fizzgig Puppet Replica from… Thinkgeek?

Well, apparently, Thinkgeek is still there, geeks! I just stumbled on this really cool deluxe Dark Crystal Fizzgig puppet in the Thinkgeek section over at Gamestop! I thought there would be no way the site would keep on bringing us the cool stuff we used to find on, but I’m really glad I was […]

3 Electric Toothbrushes with Hats and Wigs Perform the Original Zelda Theme

The Legend of Zelda main theme played by three electric toothbrushes with wigs and hats. You’re welcome. [Device Orchestra]

Cockatiel Performs a Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars Mashup Song [Video]

Watch as this adorable cockatiel mashes up The Pirates of the Caribbean theme with The Imperial March from Star Wars.

SophiaWorld: A New Westworld Spin-off? [Sci-Fi Short]

A short sci-fi film where Evan Rachel Wood and Sophia the Robot discuss a possible upcoming Westworld spin-off: SofiaWorld. [DUST]

1990 IT TV Miniseries: The Honest Trailer

Move over Jared Leto, because it’s time to bow down to the real king of murder clowns: Tim Curry! [Screen Junkies]

The GIGANTIC New LEGO UCS Imperial Star Destroyer Has Over 4,700 Pieces!

LEGO has just unveiled its biggest Star Wars set yet: A 4,784-piece Imperial Star Destroyer that measures 43″ long, 26″ wide, and 17″ high. The ship features a lot of cool details, like swiveling guns, a tilting radar dish, massive engines, and a scale model of the Rebels’ Tantive IV CR90 corvette. For those interested, […]