Kong: Skull Island – All Trailers (2017)

So we are close to the Kong: Skull Island release date, and the closer it gets, the more hype seems to grow about the new Kong flick. With a great cast, a bigger version of King Kong than we have ever seen, and what looks to be some pretty sick action scenes, Kong: Skull Island […]

The Main Villain From “Ghost in the Shell” Reveals Himself in Longest Trailer Yet [Video]

Ghost in the Shell will be released in a little more than a month, and Paramount Pictures has just released a new trailer which reveals the movie’s main villain, Hideo Kuze. Check it out! [Paramount Pictures]

Neil deGrasse Tyson Might Not the Worst Person to Watch Movie With [Pic]

[Source: Natgeo]

Skyrim’s Dragonborn: A Fantastic Cello Cover by Tina Guo [Video]

A beautiful cello cover of the Dragonborn theme from Skyrim by musicial Tina Guo. [Tina Guo]

Rapping Incredibly Fast… on Helium [Video]

From Mac Lethal: I had more lyrics for this, but couldn’t rap them. This sh*t made me almost pass out multiple times and was unbearably painful. I’m going to lay down on my couch and sleep now. [Mac Lethal]

Today’s Hottest Deals: Over 300 Sci-Fi Movies on Blu-Ray for Under $10 Each!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has over 300 sci-fi movies for under $10 each! There’s plenty of amazing titles in there such as The Martian, Serenity, various Star Trek movies, and much, much more! Check ’em all out at the link below! [Over 300 Sci-Fi Movies on Blu-Ray for Under $10 […]

Amazing Blade Runner-Inspired Short: Tears in the Rain

An outstanding Blade Runner-inspired short by Christopher Grant Harvey made on a budget of just $1,500! Be sure to check this one out, it’s an amazing short film! In a dystopian Los Angeles future, replicants or genetically engineered humanoids are created to work forced labour on off-world colonies. The latest generation, the Nexus 3 series, […]

The Most Metal Short You’ll Ever See: The Night the Moon Fell [Video]

A short film about a curious boy that finds the moon after it fell from the sky. I think the end will surprise most of you! Check it out! [John Bashyam]

Tom Cruise Falls Into Other Movies [Video]

From DrMachakil: I randomly stumbled upon a small footage of Tom Cruise falling for Vanilla Sky. I’m really not a post production expert but what the hell, I wanted to play a little with it 😉 Hope you’ll enjoy! The movies I used: Vanilla Sky MIB 3 Star Wars Episode II The Lord of the […]

The Evolution Of Keanu Reeves In Movies

From Burger Fiction: As big fans of the first John Wick, we are excited about the sequel, and we thought it would be fun to take a look back at Keanu’s career. Party on, dudes! [Burger Fiction]

Wow! The First “Avengers: Infinity War” Teaser Will Get You Really Excited About the Movie! [Video]

The culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will probably end with “Avengers: Infinity War,” and this short teaser that was just released earlier today will get you really excited about the upcoming movie. Check it out! [Marvel Entertainment]

Princess Dance Battle: Beauty and the Beast vs. Frozen [Video]

Watch as Belle from Beauty and the Beast wanders a little too far from her land and ends up in Arendelle where she ends up doing a dance battle against Elsa and Anna. [ScottDW]