Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming [Fan Trailer]


Peter Parker returns to the MCU and with Iron Man by his side fans are sure to be in for an epic treat! Captain America Civil War brought us all our first look at spidey and now we have a brand new trailer looking ahead to what is next for the hero in red spandex! […]

When Disney Princesses Turn Evil


A fantastic series of illustration by artist Kasami-Sensei picturing Disney princesses turned evil. If you’re reading this from the front page of the site, be sure to click the “read more” link below to read the full post.

HERO PLAY: The BLACK PANTHER Song – ft. Winter Soldier [Video]


A Black Panther rap by my friends Chad and Angie from The Screen Team, featuring a female Winter Soldier, dancing, kitties and more! [Screen Team]

Still a ‘GOOF’ After All These Years: Geeks Are Sexy Talks with Jason Marsden

If you grew up in the ’90s, Jason Marsden is a household name, even if you don’t recognize it right away. From General Hospital to Full House to Step By Step to A Goofy Movie, Marsden has been acting — either on-screen or behind a microphone — for a whopping 30 of his 41 years. […]

This Harley Quinn Cosplayer and Margot Robbie Look Almost Like Twins!


After looking at a few of her Instagram pictures, 21-year-old cosplayer infamous_harley_quinn and Margot Robbie could easily be mistaken for identical twins! And on top of that, they’re both Australian as well! Check out the rest of her pics below! Une photo publiée par ♦️Property of Joker♦️ (@infamous_harley_quinn) le 12 Sept. 2016 à 4h03 PDT […]

Capt. America: Civil War Gets Honest Trailer’d [Video]


Join the Avengers for an epic all-out battle with their biggest foe – themselves. Oh, and that one villain no one really remembers – Captain America: Civil War! [Screen Junkies]

DEAL: Captain America: Civil War is Out on Blu-ray!


One last deal for today! Amazon is currently offering Captain America: Civil War on Blu-Ray for just $19.96. That’s 39% off on the movie’s regular list price of $32.99. The most explosive clash to ever rock the Marvel Cinematic Universe ignites a firestorm of conflict in the game-changing epic, CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. In the […]

The Marvel Symphonic Universe: A Look at Why the Music in Marvel Movies is Unremarkable


Off the top of your head, could you sing the theme from Star Wars? How about James Bond? Or Harry Potter? But here’s the kicker: can you sing any theme from a Marvel film? Despite 13 films and 10 billion dollars at the box office, the Marvel Cinematic Universe lacks a distinctive musical identity or […]

Max Max: Fury Road Without Special Effect is Just as Amazing as The Full Movie [Video]


If you’ve ever wondered what “Max Max: Fury Road” looks like without any CGI or special effects thrown in, be sure to check out this video! This is pretty incredible and shows how films should be filmed: With just a little CGI, and only when necessary. [ESPORTS TV]

Superman VS Thor: Clash of the Gods [Epic Fan Trailer]


From Screen Rant: There is no battle more epic than an ultimate clash between super powered gods. In our latest Epic Fan Trailer we pit Marvel and DC against each other in a god sized show down. Will it be the Asgardian Thor or the Kryptonian Superman who will win in this ultimate clash of […]

10 Sneaky Movie Cameos That Slipped By You [Video]


Most of the time, movie cameos are a fun way to put familiar faces in front of audiences — even if it’s only for a moment or two. Usually, the whole point of a cameo is that we’ll recognize the famous person in front of us. But sometimes, directors get a bit sneaky. They hide […]

Star Wars: Flash Mob Lightsaber Battle at the Beach [Video]


The greatest Flash Mob Lightsaber Battle of all time (which just happens to take place on a beach in Australia in a galaxy far, far away). This collaborative project between Vidgeo and Adrian Van Oyen brings with it an ensemble of cameos, Easter eggs and enough special FX to make George Lucas proud. Cast of […]