The Galactic Menagerie: Star Wars by Wes Anderson [Trailer]

Welcome to the “Galactic Menagerie”! This delightful and visually striking fan-created trailer transports you to a whimsical alternate universe of Star Wars, as seen through the unique lens of Wes Anderson. Prepare to be charmed as you witness beloved Star Wars characters come to life through Anderson’s signature symmetrical shots, soft pastel hues, and offbeat […]

The Roddenberry Archive: Presenting All the Enterprises – From A to Z (Narrated by John de Lancie)

The Roddenberry Archive explores every iteration of the Starship Enterprise (to date). John de Lancie, who has portrayed Gene Roddenberry’s beloved character ‘Q’ since 1987’s Star Trek: The Next Generation premiere, narrates a deep dive exploring the evolution and legacy of the Starship Enterprise bridge – from its inception in Pato Guzman’s 1964 sketches, through […]

Regeneration: Fan Film Chronicles the Rebirth of the the Enterprise-D

OTOY, in partnership with the Roddenberry Archive, created this amazing short film that chronicles the rebirth of the Enterprise-D after Star Trek: Generations. This is the perfect way to introduce the ship back into Star Trek lore before Picard season #3 and a fitting conclusion to the life of Captain James Tiberius Kirk. [OTOY]

The Flash Gets a New Action-Packed Trailer With More Batman Than Ever! [Video]

Watch worlds collide in the second trailer for The Flash! Worlds collide in “The Flash” when Barry uses his superpowers to travel back in time in order to change the events of the past. But when his attempt to save his family inadvertently alters the future, Barry becomes trapped in a reality in which General […]

Dune in the Style of H.R. Giger

From KhromAI: In this video, we showcase a collection of stunning AI-generated images from the DUNE universe. These images have been created in the style of legendary artist, H.R. Giger (Hans Rudolph Giger), known for his unique and distinctive visual aesthetics. Using state-of-the-art AI algorithms and deep learning techniques, we’ve trained a model to generate […]

Deal: Save BIG on EFX’s Star Wars Boba Fett Precision Helmet Replica

If you are like me and are a collector of Star Wars helmets, you’ll want to jump on that deal right away! Sideshow currently has the Star Wars Boba Fett Precision Helmet Replica for just $280 instead of $400. That’s 30% off on the helmet’s regular price! Sure, you can get the Black series edition […]

This is the Way: A Song Created Using All the Times “This is The Way” Was Said in The Mandalorian (SEASONS 1 -3)

Groove to the sound of “This is the way”… 222 or 223 times… depending on who you ask. It’s cute how The Mandalorian found it’s own version of “may the force be with you”, but they might have gotten a little carried away with it. How do we know? “This is the way” is said […]

Behold: The Mandalorian Made Out of Flan! – It’s the Flandalorian!

Twitter user The Mad Maker made Din Djarin out of flan, hence his new name: The Flandalorian! For those who’ve never tasted a flan, the dessert is a firm custard topped with caramel sauce. This is the flan! Here’s a video of the delicious creation jiggling to the beat of the theme song: @martyimmortal Improved […]