Luke Skywalker is Dirk “The Last Laser Master” in Star Wars Music Video

Get ready, the show is about to begin. [Auralnauts] Advertisements


Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Coffee Mug

If Thanos would be an actual living being, I’m sure he’d drink his coffee in this officially-licensed Marvel Infinity Gauntlet mug. Sick of your underlings putting the milk in first? With your very own Infinity Gauntlet, you’ll never have to face defeat again. Beat your beverage cravings to a pulp, and look terrifying while you […]

Man Builds Giant Rideable Electric TIE Fighter [Video]

It’s a TIE fighter that can accomodate 1 passenger and can be riden around for pure enjoyment. The ship was built by Allan Carver from Hubbards, Nova Scotia, and is powered using some upcycled electric wheel chair motors. Top speed: 6 mph. Two kinds of foam were used. L200 for the body and rigid 2″ […]

Drink from Groot’s Head with This Groot Ceramic Mug

Etsy user and ceramic artist Cerapost makes amazing mugs, but among the ones he has available at his shop, my favorite is this groot ceramic mug that can hold 500ml of your favorite beverage. The mug is both microwave and dishwasher save, but I think I’d probably hand wash it for fear of something happening […]

Say “‘Ello” to These Retro Collectible Statues from your Favorite Movies!

Today, the folks from Thinkgeek have just launched three new retro collectible statues from classic movies that are beloved by geeks from all around the globe: Labyrinth, the original Jurassic Park, and The Dark Crystal. Labyrinth ‘Ello Worm 1:1 Scale Statue – Exclusive So, come inside, have a nice cup of tea, meet the missus, […]

New Deadpool 2 Teaser Shows Deadpool Holding X-Force Auditions

A new teaser for Deadpool 2 that actually features some new footage, including a scene where the anti-hero is holding some X-Force audition to build his new superhero team. I’ll also include the spots that aired during The Walking Dead season finale below. Check ’em all out! #WalkingDeadpool is like regular #Deadpool, except one’s flesh […]

Top 10 Cartoon Psychopaths [Video]

We’d say these animated characters lost it, but we’re not so sure they ever had it to begin with. Join the folks from Watch Mojo as they count down their picks for the Top 10 Cartoon Psychopaths. [WatchMojo]

The Many Actors That Played Your Favorite Superheroes [Infographic]

This infographic takes a look at the actors that played your favorite superheroes on all media, including on TV, in films, or in voice only. If you want to see a larger version of the infographic, be sure to click on the picture below. [Source | Via Sploid]