George R. R. Martin on the “Game of Thrones” Finale, Upcoming Books, and Future Projects

Now that Game of Thrones is finally over, author George R. R. Martin has finally spoken out about the series finale in a post over at “Not A Blog.” The post is very long, but he addresses a few things fans of the books will want to know. 1- He’s not done with The Winds […]


New Stranger Things 3 Promo Clip Celebrates Summer… and Billy’s Sexy ‘Stache

It’s summer of 1985, and the moms of Hawkins, Indiana, go crazy for Billy Hargrove. It might look like a promo for one of those 80s sexy comedies such as Porky‚Äôs, but it’s the latest trailer for the third season of Stranger Things! [Netflix | Via Nerdist]

Tea at 3:33 – A Short Story of Old Friends, Tea and Inevitable Death

‘Tea at 3;33’ is an award winning short story by writer/director Julen Santiago about the encounter, in the middle of the night, between a veteran hitman and one of his apprentices. [Julen Santiago]

The Final Episode of Game of Thrones has a Plastic Water Bottle [Pic]

A Starbuck coffee cup and now a plastic water bottle? We’re starting to ponder if these are left there on purpose! It does get people talking, and that might be the point, right?

Westworld Season 3 Features Aaron Paul [Trailer]

Westworld season 3 will return in 2020 on HBO. Here is the first trailer of the third season! [HBO]

These Valyrian Steel Razors Will Give You the Closest Shave Ever!

Valyrian steel swords are the best and sharpest swords one can wield in the Game of Thrones universe, so it stands to reason that Valyrian Steel razors will never require replacement blades. Prepare yourself for the smoothest shave of your life. Strong, lightweight, and perfectly balanced: these blades glide gently over your skin with no […]

DC vs. MARVEL – Live Action Battle Compilation [Video]

Wonder Woman vs Wolverine, Batman vs Deadpool, Nightwing vs Winter Soldier, and Joker/Harley Quinn vs Deadpool/Domino. Watch them all! [Batinthesun]

The “Biggest Onscreen Mistakes” in Game of Thrones

A list of some of the biggest onscreen mistakes in Game of Thrones, from the infamous coffee cup, to rubber swords, and much, much more! [Looper | Via BoingBoing]