Star Trek Discovery’s First Trailer Boldly Goes Where No One Has Gone Before [Video]

CBS has just released the new trailer for their upcoming Star Trek series set 10 years before Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise. Star Trek Discovery will premiere in May on CBS and then on CBS All Access. It will also be available on Netflix everywhere except in the U.S. and Canada. Canadians will have to […]

Deadpool Reimagined as an Oscar-worthy Drama [Video]

The team over at Mashable Watercooler took some footage from the Deadpool movie and rearranged some part of it to make the whole thing look like an Oscar-worth drama, and it totally works! Check it out below. Something about one of the raunchiest comic book movies ever – at it’s heart is a tender love […]

Latest Transformers Trailer Features Grimlock Vomiting Car and Bodily Fluids [Video]

I kid you not. Watch: This will most likely be utter crap, but people will go and see it, and it will probably get another sequel… even though Michael Bay has said that this will be the final movie in the franchise. In theatres June 21, 2017. [Transformers: The Last Knight | Via IO9]

It Came from the Desert: A Mindlowingly Ridiculous Horror Movie about Giant Ants [Trailer]

The plot of “It Came from the Desert” is simple: It’s a motocross action film featuring giant killer ants. Yes, it truly is as ridiculous as it sounds, but as is often the case with these kinds of movies, people love them. The idea behind the film comes from a cult video game of the […]

Logan Gets Re-Released in Black and White with Logan Noir [Trailer]

Featuring Johnny Cash’s “Hurt,” here’s the trailer for Logan Noir, a black and white version of Logan. The movie will apparently (According to Geek Tyrant) be available on the Logan blu-ray on May 23rd when it gets released online and in stores, but the product page on Amazon doesn’t mention the black and white version […]

Fox’s The Orville Series is The Ultimate Star Trek Spoof [Video]

I’m sold. Totally sold. The universe has a crew loose. From Seth MacFarlane and Director John Favreau comes the all-new FOX series, THE ORVILLE. The show is set to premiere on Fox during the 2017–18 season. [FOX]

Alien Covenant Flipbook-Inspired Animation

It’s even better if you increase the speed at 1.5X via the little gear icon under the media player. Enjoy! Created with ink and cartridge papers, white-on-black sketched using Procreate on Ipad, printed on Naturalis vanilla 130gsm papers. Post-edited on Adobe Premiere. [saggyarmpit]

The Stormtroopers Who Tried to Shake Darth Vader’s Hand [Video]

Be sure to enable “CC” on this one. Also, take a minute to pause the media player and read the news article scrolling near the end of the video. Yep, they totally deserved what they got. [DanKhooProductions]

Shot For Shot: Blade Runner vs Blade Runner 2049 [Video]

A shot-for-shot look at the original Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 trailers. Have you noticed how the original 1982 version actually looks better than the new one? Or maybe it’s just me? [IMDb]

The Most Terrible Things Groot Has Ever Done

Before Groot was the gentle giant fans know and love today, he was a monster. Literally. A 125-foot-tall, rampaging alien monster. He stayed that way for 45 years, too, until a sudden and unexpected turn transformed him into a hero and paved the way for his membership in the Guardians of the Galaxy. But during […]

Bratty and The Beast: A Beauty and the Beast Trailer Spoof [Video]

Check out this amusing animated parody of the Beauty and the Beast trailers featuring belle as an annoying millennial who just can’t let go of her smartphone. Join Belle, the Beast, Gaston, Lumiere, Gogsworth, Mrs Potts and a pack of friendly wolves in the most happening castle in France and revel in the irony of […]

Marvel’s ‘The Gifted’ Gets its First Trailer [Video]

Action-adventure family drama THE GIFTED, from Marvel, tells the story of a suburban couple whose ordinary lives are rocked by the sudden discovery that their children possess mutant powers. Forced to go on the run from a hostile government, the family joins up with an underground network of mutants and must fight to survive. Written […]