PHONE HOME – E.T. Sound Clips Get Remixed Into a Happy Song [Video]

Here’s a happy little E.T. song to brighten your day. Cheers, my internet friends. [melodysheep]

The Last Jedi “Snoke’s Throne Room” Lightsaber Battle Recreated in 16-bit

Remember that lightsaber battle in Snoke’s throne room in The Last Jedi? Well this is just that, but recreated in 16 bit! [Mr Sunday Movies]

When “The Last Jedi” Meets “Calvin And Hobbes” [Picture Gallery]

Back in 2016, Walt Disney animation studios and Marvel Comics artist Brian Kesinger drew a bunch of illustration depicting characters from “The Force Awakens” in the style of Calvin and Hobbs. Now, a few weeks after the release of “The Last Jedi,” the artist has released a bunch of other ones themed after “The Last […]

When Pop Culture Meet Typography [Video]

A completely delightful video montage of fonts and logos from various movies set to the song “Pop Culture” by Madeon. Check it out! [Izac Less]

The Stargate Activates in New “Stargate: Origins” Trailer

I don’t know about you guys, but as a massive Stargate fan, this does not look promising AT ALL. I want to know what happened after the last Stargate Universe episode took place, not this! The show was starting to be good right before they cancelled it! Oh well, I guess we’ll never know! In […]

Get the Official “The Force Awakens” Novel for $1.99 (Includes two tie-in short stories!)

For those who are interested in reading the official novelization of “The Force Awakens,” Amazon is currently selling the ebook for just $1.99! The novel also includes two additional short stories: “The Perfect Weapon” by Delilah S. Dawson and “Bait” by Alan Dean Foster. [Get the Official “The Force Awakens” Novel for $1.99 (Includes two […]

Dorkly Comic: The Problem With A Solo Venom Movie Without Spider-Man

Comic by @JHallComics from Dorkly. [Source: Dorkly]

Transformers: The Last Knight Gets the “Honest Trailers” Treatment

Because we live in the darkest timeline, prepare for another Transformers movie that’s mostly about the humans – it’s Transformers: The Last Knight. [Screen Junkies]

Star Wars Meets the Transformers in New Millennium Falcon Transforming Toy

Big Bad Toy Store has just started taking pre-orders on the upcoming Millennium Falcon X transformers mashup toy. When released, the ship, which transforms into two seperate robots (Han and Chewie) will be priced at $134.99 USD. Estimated release date: June 2018. This mash up of Transformers and Star Wars gives the Millennium Falcon the […]

Why Kylo Ren Wears High Waisted Pants in The Last Jedi

His pants come up to exactly the point where he is shot in episode 7 (which is high for modern pants and does make him look like a dope). A freeze frame for reference. He punched at the wound several times during his first lightsaber fight with Rey. It has been established that Chewbacca’s bowcaster […]

Video Compares Size of Monsters from Pop Culture [Video]

Check out this side-by-side video comparing the sizes of various monsters from pop culture, from Mike Wazowski of Monsters Inc. (0.7 meters tall), to the Exogorth from Star Wars (900 meters long.) [MetaBallStudios | Via BB]