Top 10 Underrated Fantasy Movies

Not every movie is “The Lord of the Rings.” And you know what? That’s okay. Join Watch Mojo as they count down their picks for the top 10 Underrated Fantasy Movies of all time. [Watch Mojo]

The MP3 Is Not Dead

Reports that the MP3 format is dead have proven extremely premature. It’s about as dead as the GIF. Despite some confused reports, there’s no reason whatsoever to think the format isn’t going to disappear or that existing files will stop being useful. All that’s happened is that the organization that held some of the key […]

Gorgeous Star Trek LCARS Schematic Prints

Artist LCARSStudio47 has a marvelous Etsy shop where he sells gorgeous Star Trek ship schematics that would all look quite wonderful hanging on a wall in my living room. Check ’em all out below! [Star Trek LCARS Schematic Prints]

Superpowers Most People Don’t Know Deadpool Has

Everybody knows Deadpool has a mutant healing factor. That’s kind of his thing. It’s no secret that he’s aware he’s a fictional character, either — breaking the fourth wall is what set Deadpool apart from all those other grizzled, bulky, pouch-wearing ’90s tough guys, and made him into the wise-cracking antihero he is today. But […]

QUESTION: Are You Hiding Any Black Holes In Your Geek Life?

So, it’s no secret that geek culture, in many ways, is bolstered around the concept of cred. Geek cred. You know what I mean. You don’t sit down at an RPG table for the first time with a new group without mentioning your experience playing various editions and classes. You don’t go to a Jonathan […]

When Yondu (GOTG) Meets Mary Poppins You Get this Awesome Mashup Cosplay

A cosplay inspired by the scene in GOTG Vol. 2 where Yondu uses a Jetpack his arrow to fly Star-Lord to Safety. During the flight, the characters have the following exchange: Star-Lord: You look like Mary Poppins. Yondu: Is he cool? Star-Lord: Hell yeah, he’s cool. Yondu: I’m Mary Poppins, y’all! [Source: Cindy Salvus Artistry […]

WHAT THE WHAT: The Most Bizarre Movies On Netflix Right Now

Are you in the mood to watch a weird movie? When was the last time you watched a film that really screwed with you? As much as us geeks like comic movies and science fiction, some of us also really love to delve into the strange and surreal, too. And nowhere does surreal quite as […]

Today’s Hottest Deals: THOUSANDS Of Geektastic Blu-ray Movies For Under $10 Each + OTHER DEALS!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has a large number of geektastic blu-ray movies for under $10 each! If you’re looking to complete your movie collection with a few extra titles, be sure to check out these amazing deals! –Action and Adventure Blu-Ray Movies for Under $10 –Sci-Fi Blu-Ray Movies for Under […]

A Star Trek Timeline That Includes Discovery [Pic]

For those of you who are anxiously waiting for Star Trek Discovery to come out, here’s a timeline that shows exactly where the new show will fit into the Star Trek universe we all know. Be sure to click on the infographic below to see the full size version! [Source: Fish4Parts]

Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vintage T-Shirt

From Thinkgeek: Put on those orange headphones, boys and girls. It’s time for a dance off to distract the bad guys, so you better be ready. [Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vintage T-Shirt]

Cellist Duo 2CELLOS Performs Amazing Rendition of LOTR’s “May It Be”

I’ve been following 2CELLOS for the past 6 years, and I don’t think I ever heard them play something I don’t like. In the video above, you can see them performing an absolutely stunning cover of “May It Be” from The Lord of the Rings with the London Symphony Orchestra, which are sadly invisible in […]

Cellist Tina Guo Performs Stunning Cover of the Wonder Woman Theme [Video]

Cellist Tino Guo is one of the most talented musicians I follow online, but unfortunately, I haven’t seen many blogs cover her work, which is always nothing short of stellar. Check out her fantastic cover of the Wonder Woman theme in the video above, and if you enjoy what she does, be sure to subscribe […]