Amazon Deal of the Day: Geektastic Blu-ray Movies Under $10 and DVDs Under $5!


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has a large number of geektastic blu-ray movies for under $10 each and DVDs for under $5! If you’re looking to complete your movie collection with a few extra titles, be sure to check out these amazing deals! If you’re looking for something specific, be sure […]

R.I.P. Kenny Baker, The Actor who played R2-D2


Kenny Baker, the actor who played R2-D2, died earlier today at the age of 81 after battling a long illness. Baker first became famous in 1977 for his role as R2-D2. The man was only four feet tall, making him the perfect size to fit inside the robot’s hollow shell. He also played roles in […]

You Can Rent The Killing Joke Movie From YouTube Right Now (Among Others)

youre welcome

This is basic news that I thought everybody knew, but I have found myself in at least four social situations recently where I mentioned renting movies from YouTube and people looked at me like I had six heads (which I would not complain about because it would most likely make me a mythical creature, which […]

Kylo Ren Reacts to the New Rogue One Trailer [Video]


Who better to offer their perspective on the new Rogue One trailer than history buff Kylo Ren. [Auralnauts]

Why The New Joker Deserves A Standalone Movie


(Image Source) Suicide Squad was a messy but enjoyable film, but anyone saying The Joker didn’t steal the film is lying to themselves and you. Though given very limited screen time, Jared Leto’s creepiness pervades those few frames and lingers with you long after he walks away. People who go in comparing him to other […]

The TARDIS at The Way Station: A Bathroom That Defies Space and Time [Video]


Welcome to the Golden Thrones VR experience- the most immersive bathroom tours in this dimension. In this episode, we visit The Way Station, in Brooklyn, New York- with a TARDIS bathroom that defies space and time. [Golden Thrones | Via LS]

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story [Official Trailer #2]


The second trailer of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” just premiered tonight during the Olympic coverage on NBC, and naturally, it was posted online at the same time. Unfortunately, the trailer that got featured at Celebration a few weeks ago was never released on the web except for a shaky, half covered and blurry […]

Original Transformers Movie Gets HD Remaster


Certain Transformers movies we could mention show big budget special effects are no guarantee of success. However, the original animated movie is now 30 years old and is getting an HD restoration. As this clip shows, it does a good job of improving the image without destroying its charm.

Honest Trailers: Emmy Candidates


Honest Trailers got nominated for an Emmy this year and its crew has celebrated in the only way they know how: by poking fun at other nominees.

What The Justice League Trailer Didn’t Show


Batman’s recruitment of The Flash was one of the highlights of the Justice League trailer, but this animation by Dorkly shows things might have been very different…

The Silver Chair: New Chronicles of Narnia Movie Announced


Most fans of older series got reboots or sequels in the last few years, from Lord of the Rings to Star Wars. Heck, we even have a new Harry Potter (sans Potter) movie coming out. But it seemed like fans of the Chronicles of Narnia series were just gonna spend another year getting no love. […]

Super Power Beat Down: NIGHTWING vs WINTER SOLDIER [Video]


In the latest episode of “Super Powet Beat Down” Nightwing takes over Winter Soldier in a fight to the death. Who will win? watch the episode to find out! Note: If you want to watch the fight right away, be sure to skip ahead to 4:43. [batinthesun]