A Banjo Cover of Sunsoft’s Journey to Silius (NES Title Theme) [Video]

From Banjo Guy Ollie: New cover is the Title theme from Sunsoft’s hit on the NES : Journey to Silius. I am planning on doing more from this game in the future too since most of the music is fantastic. And here’s the original theme: [Banjo Guy Ollie]

Today’s Hottest Deals: Save BIG on the Entire Fitbit Line, Akira 35th Anniversary Box Set (Pre-Order) + MORE Deals!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day and for the upcoming Mother’s Day, Amazon is offering some big savings on the entire line of Fitbit fitness trackers. –Fitbit’s Big Mother’s Day Sale –Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service – $89.99 $63.35 –Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Big Green Deep Cleaning Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner Machine – $599.99 […]

The Great Unknown: A Mass Effect Andromeda Electro-Rock Song by Miracle Of Sound

A cool cinematic electro-rock song inspired by Ryder and Mass Effect Andromeda by the always awesome Gavin Dunne of Miracle of Sound fame. [Miracleofsound]

Recreating 5 Iconic Movie Scenes in GTA V [Video]

Check out these surprisingly awesome movie scenes recreation (Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, Drive, The Fast & The Furious, and Speed) that were entirely made with the Rockstar editing system in GTA V. A video from the folks over at IGN. I love how versatile GTA V still is today! The game truly lets you recreate […]

The Sci-Fi Plot Generator [Pic]

The folks from Wired recently created this sci-fi plot generator using two Jamess Gunn movies and two Ridley Scott flicks. Naturally, the possibilities are endless and an endless number of variations could be added to the list, but these 4 movies are a good start. [Wired]

The Many Marvel Cameos of Stan Lee [Infographic]

He’s in almost all of the Marvel movie that were released since 1989. Here’s a detailed list from the folks over at MorphCostumes. [Source: MorphCostumes]

A Groovetastic 80s Style Remake of the Original Star Wars Theme [Video]

This is the Star Wars cover you’re looking for: Scandroid takes a Star Wars classic, “The Force Theme” and turns the synths up to 11 in an epic cover to inspire the Jedi within us all. In the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi, “Remember…the Force will be with you, always.” [Scandroid]

The Millennial Home Buyer Rap [Video]

Most people who’ve never owned a home are looking forward to the experience, but for many millenials and depending on where you live, the dream can quickly become a nightmare. [IFHT Films | Via LS]

Wonder Woman Gets into an Alley Fight in First Movie Preview [Video]

A brand new clip from Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman. In theaters on June 2, 2017. [We Got This Covered]

Denver Channel 7 News Anchors Fight Jedi Style for May the 4th [Video]

  May the 4th is almost over, but here’s one last video from the awesome folks over at Denver Channel 7 to celebrate the day! [Denver Channel 7 on Facebook]

Anovos to Release Official GOTG Vol. 2 Star-Lord Jacket (Pre-Order!)

Sure, there’s plenty of people selling unlicensed Star-Lord jackets online, but thanks to Anovos, you can now purchase an official “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” Star-Lord jacket replica (Pre-Order). Sure, $575 might be a little pricey, but we’re talking about a replica that was created using the original patterns from the movie here. I’ve […]

Space Adventures: The Movie That Sparked the Imagination of Millions of Childs

It was four decades ago that Star Wars hit the silver screen. This film is an homage to not only the creators of this universe but to all the childhood imaginations that were changed forever. [Paul Constantakis]