Restoring The USS Enterprise [Video]


The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum has been restoring the original miniature model of the Enterprise used for “external” scenes in Star Trek. This video shows the painstaking work to keep it looking pristine while keeping the look authentic. SPACEDOCK from william george on Vimeo.

If Song ‘Babies’ Were Real Babies [Video]


An utterly silly literal interpretation of one of the most used words in popular music. If you’re wondering why the performers used a (creepy) doll rather than a real baby, just keep watching.

A-Z of Harry Potter Spells [Video]


The age old debate over the difference between nerd and geek may be settled. Surely a nerd would want to see a video of every spell Harry Potter casts, while a geek would want to see those spells in alphabetical order. Luckily this video delivers for both.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Acceptance Up For Auction


Auctions houses often have collections of movie props, but one coming up on September 27 may be the motherload. Lots include Harry Potter’s Hogwarts acceptance letter, Christian Bale’s Batman outfit, Marlon Brando’s Apocalypse Now shirt, the Terminator’s shotgun and nearly 600 others. The auction takes place at the BFI Imax theater in London and those of […]

Suicide Squad Fans Mad at Rotten Tomatoes, Trying To Shut Down Site


Here’s the thing about movies (all movies, including Suicide Squad). Sometimes us diehard fans lose sight of the fact that people are allowed to have different choices and opinions about movies. For the most part, it is a medium of art that often has varied opinions, with “right or wrong” not being a part of […]

Taylor Davis Covers The Rains of Castamere – A Lannister Always Pays His Debts on Violins (Multi-Track)


Check out Taylor Davis’s fantastic multi-track violin cover of “The Rains of Castamere – A Lannister Always Pays His Debts.” As usual, she performs it quite beautifully! [Taylor Davis]

Man Creates Amazing VHS Covers of Modern Movies [Pics]


For the past six months, artist “iamsteelberg” has been creating amazing VHS cases for some of the most popular movies from recent years. Check ’em all out below! (after the “read more” link if you’re reading this from the front page.)

RRRAARRWHHGWWR: Chewbacca Bandolier Leather Bracelet


From Thinkgeek: This Chewbacca Bandolier Leather Bracelet is perfect for the copilot in your life – or for you if you are somebody’s copilot. This leather cuff styled like Chewie’s bowcaster bandolier fits larger wrists nicely – up to 8 3/4″ around. It’s almost 3/4″ of an inch thick of genuine leather with steel accents […]

Adam Savage Walked Incognito Through Comic-Con as Kylo Ren [Video]


What a beautiful costume! For this Comic-Con incognito walk through the show floor, Adam does something different and gets suited up from a booth in the exhibit hall. Dressed as Kylo Ren (costume by Anovos), he ventures out to meet other Star Wars cosplayers and visits the Lucasfilm booth to see some collectibles up close. […]

The Lost Star Wars Movie We Never Got To See


Before The Empire Strikes Back was made, George Lucas actually planned a different sequel to Star Wars called Splinter of the Mind’s Eye. While it was published as a novel in 1978, it was never filmed. So why did George Lucas commission a sequel and then decide not to actually make it? Here’s a look […]

10 Totally Innapropriate Movie Toys You Won’t Believe Exist


Studios are constantly looking for ways to maximize the profits of a popular film property, and one of the most common routes they take is licensing tie-in merchandise. This allows fans to take a part of the movie home with them, even when it’s playing in theaters. While some items – like the ever-expanding collection […]

San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) Cosplay Music Video 2016 by Aggressive Comix + Giveaway!


My pals from Aggressive Comix were at SDCC this year and filmed a fantastic cosplay music video of the event. They’re also giving away a fantastic Wonder Woman to one lucky viewer who will subscribe to their channel, like, share, and comment the video on youtube. [Aggressive Comix]