LCD Sales Take a Tumble

Not only has the number of TVs shipped by manufacturers fallen, but LCD shipments have dropped for the first time. It’s raised questions about build quality, the lack of obsolescence, and the lack of interest in 3D technology. During the first three months of this year, worldwide shipments of all televisions are estimated to have […]

Microsoft Introduces its Tablet: The Surface

Microsoft has stepped into the bloodsport Kumite known as the tablet market and has announced more details for The Surface. With Apple dominating this corner of the world, other manufacturers were quick to develop their own hardware to varying reception. The ever popular Blackberry introduced their Playbook hoping to trump the other projects, but sadly […]

US Back Atop Supercomputer Rankings

The United States is once again home to the world’s fastest computer. It ends a 20 month American absence from the top spot while first a Chinese and then a Japanese machine was number one. The honor is bestowed by the TOP500 project, which has been putting together a regularly-updated supercomputer list since 1993. It […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: Up to 75% Off Sandisk Memory Products (SSD/Compact Flash/SDHC/MicroSDHC/Flash Drives)

Today only, Amazon offers up to 75% off on Extreme memory products from SanDisks. Today only—and just in time for Father’s Day—get up to 75% off Extreme memory from SanDisk. Upgrade your desktop or laptop with SanDisk’s Extreme solid-state drives; take full advantage of your DSLR or point-and-shoot camera with SanDisk Extreme compact flash; and […]

Google’s speedy new Chrome Computers

With the same name as what has now climbed to #1 browser, Google released its own Chrome OS a few years ago. The operating system was marketed for its speed, web/cloud integration and streamlined usability – which are still the main focuses for the new Chromebooks and the “Chromebox” they have released with Samsung. Here’s […]

The Dirtiest PC You’ll See Today [Video]

So geeks, how does this PC compare with the dirtiest PC you’ve ever seen? Got any “Dirty PC” stories to share with us? Tell us all about them in the comment section below! [Via [H]]

MIT Students + iPad = Future

I saw this…and I was just blown away with how cool it is. Ok we’ve seen some funky stuff done with augmented reality and it does remind me a lot of the demo of SixthSense technology I saw awhile ago ago, but I believe that T(ether), as it is called, takes it to a whole […]

iCloud Helps Woman Recover a Stolen iPhone

Technology is a wonderful thing, but when that technology fails on you, it can be very frustrating. Sometimes, however, technology does exactly what it is supposed to and you find a fringe benefit you weren’t expecting. This was the case when Katy McCaffrey’s iPhone was stolen on a Disney Cruise. It turns out her unwitting […]