I can never get this right on the first try [Pic]

What about you?

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20 Responses to I can never get this right on the first try [Pic]

  1. That's why there is a symbol on one side of the plug. That is the side that should point to the ceiling.

  2. A lot of the computers I build at home, I often have the USB ports upside down. I'm unlucky like that, I guess.

  3. There are two square holes on each side of the plug. On one side they are filled and the other they are hollow. I like to remember by pointing the hollow ones up like you need to fill them with water (like they are cups). Kinda silly but it works for me!

    • For me it's always the third try — they never seem to fit the first time the right way. I have to try the right way, fail, try the wrong way, then the right way will work.

  4. I have one vertical and two horizontal USB ports on my laptop. I can generally get them right-side-up on the first try.

  5. nope, never, always have to turn it around…I guess I just don't pay attention to the "symbol", which I never thought about b4, but now I know the "fill up the squares" trick…we'll see, but odds are I will still do it wrong

  6. Well, I can get it right. I just look at the USB plug before plugging it in..

    Guys! The white piece of plastic inside the USB plug has to be either on the bottom, or on the left. That is the correct configuration, and there are very little exceptions :)