iCloud Helps Woman Recover a Stolen iPhone

Technology is a wonderful thing, but when that technology fails on you, it can be very frustrating. Sometimes, however, technology does exactly what it is supposed to and you find a fringe benefit you weren’t expecting. This was the case when Katy McCaffrey’s iPhone was stolen on a Disney Cruise. It turns out her unwitting […]

Mad Scientist Wields Tesla Gun – And You Can Too!

A mad scientist read a graphic novel of a story of the battle between Edison and Tesla in the war to dominate the electric world – a graphic novel where Tesla had awesome Tesla guns. So he set about creating is own. And it’s battery powered. If you’ve got all the hardware, you could even […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 30% Off Crucial 64 GB m4 2.5-Inch SATA Solid State Drive (6Gb/s) – $79.99 + Free Shipping

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has the Crucial 64 GB m4 2.5-Inch SATA Solid State Drive (6Gb/s) for just $79.99 plus free shipping. That’s 30% off the drive’s usual retail price of $115.07. Continuing the tradition of our award-winning solid-state drives, the Crucial m4 SSD offers mobile and desktop users scorching-fast […]

Microsoft adopts smartphone subsidy model for Xbox

Microsoft is reportedly planning to offer the Xbox on the same financial model as smartphones: a heavily reduced up-front price in return for a commitment to a monthly service charge. The plan, reported by The Verge, would be to sell a 4GB Xbox with the Kinect kit for $99. That’s a $200 reduction, much the […]

Star Wars Micro Replicates Classic Arcade Cabinet

This really takes me back. In my younger days, I grew to understand the need for employment as all my expendable cash was spent on 45 Vinyl Single records and frequent trips to the local arcade. At the arcade there were a few guaranteed coin eaters, and my all-time favorite was the Star Wars Arcade […]

Nintendo Loses Half a Billion Bucks

Nintendo has made a whopping loss of, depending on the precise measure used, around half a billion dollars. It’s the company’s worst performance since before the NES first launched. There are two different figures in media reports, both technically accurate. The company’s operating income, which is effectively its profit or loss from doing business, was […]

This Custom Built Home Theater Set Top PC is Amazing

Oh to dream a dream. This intrepid machinist apprentice was looking for a front end media streaming PC for a home theater system he had yet to own. After searching around, he couldn’t find anything that quite fit his needs, and began to become frustrated. But he had time and easy access to a machine […]

Want to See an iPad Being Born?

Want to watch an iPad being born at the hands of migrant workers in China’s Foxconn mega-complex? Of course you do. Who would want to watch that cute bundle of your money become a high tech piece of computer hardware? Foxconn, a massive production facility in China, is the birthplace of many Apple iPads every […]