The Disastrous Consequences of Not Removing Your Hardware Safely [Video]

These guys should get an Oscar… or something… for their performance. What happens when you don’t remove your hardware safely? Thanks Ron!

New Xbox could destroy used games market

In what would surely be one of the dumbest decisions in entertainment tech history, there are rumors that the next generation of the Xbox won’t allow owners to play used games. With a release expected to be about 18 months away, we’re at the point where Microsoft is likely firming up the final specs and […]

Adaptception [Pic]

These aren’t just dreams, these are memories and you said never to use memories! [Via MUO]

It’s Caturday: Cat Hates DVD Drive [Video]

Youtuber Lansegg says: Sound and view of ejecting dvd tray drives my cat mad. She forgets about food, toys and birds on the tree by the window and attacks the tray. [Via Neatorama]

The Raspberry Pi: An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25

The Raspberry Pi: A $25 system that features an Arm processor that supports up to 1080p resolution at up to 20 frames per second. It also offers onboard storage via an SD card, HDMI support, ethernet, a composite connection, and analog audio. The system will apparently go on sale sometime in January 2012. [Raspberry Pi […]

Sony’s problematic 2011 continues with Vita glitches

The good news for Sony is that initial sales of the portable PlayStation Vita in Japan have been relatively strong. The bad news is that many customers appear to be struggling to turn the device on. The Vita is the follow-up to the PlayStation Portable and launched in Japan this past weekend, though it won’t […]

A 5MB Hard Drive In 1956 [Pics]


Brilliant: Charge & Sync 3-in-1 USB Cable

A 3-in-1 USB cable that features a mini USB, a Micro USB, and an Apple 40 pin connector, all in the same setup, allowing you to charge and sync a wide variety of mobile devices with just one cable. [Innergie | Via Laughing Squid]

Amazing IT Geek Christmas Tree

Adam from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia just sent in this picture of their awesome christmas tree which you see above sitting on top of a beowulf cluster, making it the most geektastic thing you’ll see today if you’re an IT geek like me. Thanks Adam!

Xbox Menus Get Voice & Motion Control

Microsoft is launching a new Xbox 360 dashboard tomorrow, and if you’ve got Kinect, you’re in for some high-tech gadgetry use. The new-look dashboard, reportedly based on the Metro interface that will feature in Windows 8, is designed to extend use of the motion control device beyond simply playing games. Kinect owners will now be […]

A Geek Girl’s Guide to Holiday Shopping

by Meredith Placko While millions of Americans fought tooth, nail, and pepper spray to get their hands on some mighty deals, this geek girl somehow managed to avoid the annual contact sport known as Black Friday. While sitting in my office, pouring over YouTube videos of people at their very best in Holiday cheer (and […]

Next-Gen Xbox May Split in Two

The latest rumors on Microsoft’s follow-up to the Xbox 360 suggest there will be two separate consoles. One will be aimed at hardcore gamers, with the other for a more casual audience. According to the reports, the differences will go beyond the current variations in disk size. The cheaper version of the new console will […]