This Custom Built Home Theater Set Top PC is Amazing

Oh to dream a dream. This intrepid machinist apprentice was looking for a front end media streaming PC for a home theater system he had yet to own. After searching around, he couldn’t find anything that quite fit his needs, and began to become frustrated. But he had time and easy access to a machine […]

Want to See an iPad Being Born?

Want to watch an iPad being born at the hands of migrant workers in China’s Foxconn mega-complex? Of course you do. Who would want to watch that cute bundle of your money become a high tech piece of computer hardware? Foxconn, a massive production facility in China, is the birthplace of many Apple iPads every […]

The Playstation 4 may be Called The Orbis

I don’t know who this Truss Ted Source is but this guy has it going on. He just knows EVERYTHING about everything that isn’t out yet. Well Ted, as he likes to be called, has spilled the news on the next generation Playstation 4 console, and it appears that Sony will be ditching their longstanding […]

Monster Cables face off against Coat Hangers

I love my movies, and by association aside from being a movie geek, that also makes me a home theater geek, or an Audiophile. With the onset of each improvement in home theater technology I have to resist the urge to run out to the local big box electronics shop and indebt myself to their […]

Apple to Refund iPads Down Under

She won’t be so happy when she finds out how inadequate it is…[Credit theunquietlibrarian] This be one for the Apple haters: Apple’s been attacked by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for engaging in “conduct that was misleading or deceptive or likely to mislead or deceive.” How come? Because down in Aus, there’s no […]

Anyone Need a Superfast Laser Cutter?

Lasersaur may be your answer! Super-fast dinosaur cutout! Speed! Lasersaur Cutting Plywood. from stefanix on Vimeo.   

Interactive Question Block Lights

This is an interactive 8-bit lamp

Looking to add a little unique lighting to your house? Then check out this awesome Mario Bros Question Box Lamp from 8 Bit Lit. It’s a soft LED light with an interactive touch panel that produces that lovely coin sound when it’s turned on, and a 1-Up sound when you turn it off. If you’re […]

Augmented Reality Down Under [Video]

The Aussies have a bit of fun, kicking around some angry birds and having a dance-off with Timomatic. Powered by Nokia Lumia, if you didn’t catch that.

Use Your iPhone to Control your PC while Gaming

For all you PC-gamers, hardware tweakers and media junkies, there is a new App in development that promises to give you control over your computer through your iPod/iPhone (and soon Android and Windows Phones) and compliment your gaming in new and creative ways. The app is called Power-Grid by German PC Gaming accessory company Roccat. […]

Pay-per-view could get more literal

Want to hit rewind and replay that great sporting moment again? Gonna cost ya. Trying to fast forward through commercials? Pay up buddy. That’s the world we could be living in if a recently-published Microsoft patented technology becomes adopted by cable firms. Entitled “Control-based content pricing”, the heart of the concept is that a “content […]

Get your Hands on a Neo Geo

If you really loved the Neo Geo, it’s time to rejoice: you’ll soon be able to take it everywhere with a new handheld version. And there’ll certainly be plenty of room in your pocket once you’ve emptied your wallet to pay for it. For younger readers the Neo Geo was a series of gaming devices […]

Game sales slump yet again

Video game sales have continued to drop significantly in the US, a trend that’s being blamed on a lack of compelling new releases. But gamers are still estimated to have spent more than one and half billion dollars during the month. Research firm NPD Group reports that sales revenue from new games in physical format […]