Pay-per-view could get more literal

Want to hit rewind and replay that great sporting moment again? Gonna cost ya. Trying to fast forward through commercials? Pay up buddy. That’s the world we could be living in if a recently-published Microsoft patented technology becomes adopted by cable firms. Entitled “Control-based content pricing”, the heart of the concept is that a “content […]

Get your Hands on a Neo Geo

If you really loved the Neo Geo, it’s time to rejoice: you’ll soon be able to take it everywhere with a new handheld version. And there’ll certainly be plenty of room in your pocket once you’ve emptied your wallet to pay for it. For younger readers the Neo Geo was a series of gaming devices […]

Game sales slump yet again

Video game sales have continued to drop significantly in the US, a trend that’s being blamed on a lack of compelling new releases. But gamers are still estimated to have spent more than one and half billion dollars during the month. Research firm NPD Group reports that sales revenue from new games in physical format […]

IBM’s Jeopardy champ gets Wall Street job

The IBM computer that beat two former champions at Jeopardy is going to work for financial giant Citigroup. It follows on from existing contracts with healthcare firms. While it may have seemed like a gimmick, there were very good reasons to develop the machine and test it on the TV game show. The “get answer, […]

New game controller design gets thumbs up… and down

A new video game controller design aims to go a step beyond vibration by actively stretching the skin on players’ thumbs. It’s intended to simulate actions such as a gun recoiling. The design includes traditional thumbsticks, but with a separate circle in the middle known as a tactor. It’s similar to an eraser at the […]

Sony’s PS Vita could be heading to tablets

Sony has confirmed it’s at least theoretically possible that the PS Vita system could come to smartphones and tablets. That note comes as the company admits it needs to establish Vita as a long-lasting brand rather than a one-off gadget. Speaking in preparation for the US launch of the portable console, Sony’s chief executive Kazuo […]

Creative Introduces SoundBlaster Recon3D

When it comes to building a gaming PC, I find the most overlooked feature is the Sound Card. On-board sound cards that come with higher end gaming capable motherboards are often more than good enough to feed a nice signal to your speakers. But leave it to the people at Creative Labs to once again […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 60% Off Kingston HyperX 120GB SATA III 2.5-Inch 6.0 Gb/s Solid State Drive – $129.99 + Free Shipping

Looking for a cheap SSD drive for your system? Then you’ll definitely want to check this awesome deal I stumbled upon today. Amazon currently has a 120GB SATA III drive (Kingston HyperX) for just $129.99 (After post-purchase rebate) + free shipping! That’s 60% off the drive’s usual retail price of $319.99. Kingston’s HyperX SSD combines […]

The Disastrous Consequences of Not Removing Your Hardware Safely [Video]

These guys should get an Oscar… or something… for their performance. What happens when you don’t remove your hardware safely? Thanks Ron!

New Xbox could destroy used games market

In what would surely be one of the dumbest decisions in entertainment tech history, there are rumors that the next generation of the Xbox won’t allow owners to play used games. With a release expected to be about 18 months away, we’re at the point where Microsoft is likely firming up the final specs and […]

Adaptception [Pic]

These aren’t just dreams, these are memories and you said never to use memories! [Via MUO]

It’s Caturday: Cat Hates DVD Drive [Video]

Youtuber Lansegg says: Sound and view of ejecting dvd tray drives my cat mad. She forgets about food, toys and birds on the tree by the window and attacks the tray. [Via Neatorama]