$50 Aakash Tablet a Reality in India

The Indian government has unveiled a tablet computer that costs just $50. The Aakash (the Hindi word for sky) is made by DataWind, a business created and run by two Canadians but based legally in the UK where it’s previously sold a cheap pocket device which does web surfing and little else. This is truly […]

$8,000 Phone Runs No Apps

A Danish company has created a cellphone that it believes will last virtually forever. While in theory the Æ+Y handset could save money as you’ll never need to upgrade, that’s not the case in reality. That’s because it costs €6,000 or roughly US$8,000. And if you’re wondering whether such a handset would become obsolete as […]

Steam-powered computer gets digital boost

A year ago we reported on a plan to build the world’s first computer (which isn’t quite as odd as it sounds.) Now that plan has taken a step forward. The computer in question is Charles Babbage’s analytical engine, which he designed in 1837 but was unable to manufacture thanks to a lack of funding. […]

Damn You Dell! Damn You!!! [Pic]

If you’ve ever worked on those old Optiplex GX PCs, looking at this pic will probably make you start frothing at the mouth. [Via Cubicle Bot]

IBM’s Brain-Mimicking Silicon Chips

Didn’t these scientists ever watch Terminator or any other sci-fi movies where the computers gained sentience and proceeded to eliminate humanity? When the computers rise up and rebel, we all have scientists at IBM to thank: Each of IBM’s brain-mimicking silicon chips is a few square millimetresin size and holds a grid of 256 parallel […]

Sony Slashes Prices on PS3

  Sony is cutting prices on the PS3 and will finally be at or below the price of the Xbox 360. It’s also releasing a bargain-basement priced PSP in Europe, albeit with limited features. The price cuts mean the 160GB PS3 now drops from $299 to $249, while $299 will now buy you the 320GB […]

30 Years of the PC: an Infographic Timeline

PC Mag is celebrating the PC’s third decade (and the 30th year of its own publication, too) with an illustrated history of the technology and magazine, including notable names, hardware and benchmarks along the way. Follow along with our timeline as we point out a few of the important folks, products, and waystations in this […]

The Most Expensive Laptop Stand Ever [Picture]

Fully customizable; pieces sold separately. (Not currently available in white.) [cubiclebot]

Intel Opens Fat Wallet for Thin Machines

Intel is planning to invest $300 million to create what it’s calling a new form of computer to bridge the (somewhat slender) gap between a netbook and a tablet. According to the company, the Russian doll-like sequence of laptop/notebook/netbook/tablet needs a new family member: the Ultrabook. As is usually the case with hybrid devices, the […]

Apple’s Keyless Keyboard is Impossibly Sexy

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a significant development in keyboard design; the advent of ergonomic keyset–breaking the board down the middle to allow a more natural hand position–may have improved the lives of a few carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers, but it really didn’t alter the keyboard manufacturing landscape. It appears Apple may […]

Man Connects to Internet with Ancient Modem [Video]

K.C. has the oldest piece of computer hardware I’ve ever seen–a modem from 1964-5, complete with finely crafted wooden case. It’s got a good 20 years on me, and it still works. The story goes like this: Background: This modem was given to me ~1989 by the widow of a retired (IBM?) engineer. Computerhistory.org has […]