Mario Lives: An A.I. Mario Plays Itself In ‘Super Mario World’ Like a Person Would

Just read the above title a few times and try to process it. If you brain cannot wrap around the concept, maybe this will help.

German researchers have developed an AI that allows Mario to experience emotions and act autonomously in response to them. The AI also understands voice instructions and questions.

It’s sophisticated enough that Mario can be told if he jumps on a goomba, it will die. He remembers that information. This five-minute video gives a detailed explanation of how, but the gist of it is Mario autonomously explores the world of Super Mario¬†and retains knowledge about it by experience or by being told.

So what you have here is a self-aware Mario A.I. construct that is learning and adapting as it plays, much in the same way a human would. Long story short:

One step closer to robopocalypse.

[Via Polygon]

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