Google and Twitter Become Friends Again


There was a time when you could Google search something and related, topical tweets would come up in your search. Over time, this stopped (for business reasons far too complicated for my feeble mind to understand). But recent news that the two giants have met up and worked out their differences has resulted in some great news for people who are fans of both services (which ends up being essentially everyone).

From TechCrunch:

Twitter is reported to have struck a significant partnership with Google on the eve of its latest financial results. Bloomberg reports that the two companies have agreed to a deal to put real-time tweets from Twitter back into Google’s search results sometime “in the first half of this year.”

We will have to see the effect this has on Google and Twitter in the long run (as well as the effect it may have on Google+), but for now, we’re just glad these two can see eye-to-eye again. Hope it lasts.

[Image via DigitalStrategyConsulting, story via TechCrunch]