Star Wars Landspeeder replica looks just like the real thing

This Star Wars Landspeeder replica was designed by a very talented dude named Daniel Deutsch. The near-perfect masterpiece was built from scratch using molded fiberglass and mounted on a custom aluminum chassis. The vehicle is powered by an electric drive system, which can take its passenger near light speed (or 25 mph). Additional pictures after […]

XP’s Nagware to Get an Upgrade [Oxymoron?]

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] Mary-Jo Foley has posted an interesting bit of news about Microsoft’s most popular OS.  Nope, not Vista, silly, Windows XP.  It seems that Microsoft is planning a roll-out of a new version of Windows Genuine Advantage for XP.  If the update thinks you’ve got a pirated version of XP, […]

“Misleading” iPhone Advert Banned In The UK

By Shéa Bennett Contributing Writer, [GAS] I’m not an iPhone owner, but I’ve used one before and I’m fully aware that, no matter how well it renders most web pages, Apple do slightly exaggerate its browser capabilities in their advertisements, specifically when it comes to speed and functionality. Well, it’s finally caught up with them. […]