CES Preview: AMD Debuts New “Yukon” Platform and “Athlon Neo” Processor in New Hp dv2 Ultrathin Notebook: Watch Out, Intel Atom?

By Will Sullivan
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

AMD has found the perfect target class for its new Yukon platform and Athlon 1.6GHz Neo processor—the svelte, new ultrathin hp dv2 notebook fits in with AMD’s plan to fill all the 12-inch to 14-inch skinnies it can with the new chips, even as Intel also moves its Atom up into laptop territory at CES (e.g. the ASUS S101, the MSI X320). Laptop Magazine seemed really to like the machine, an upmarket SKU from the $699 entry-level model (perhaps ~$900), which also was paired with the ATI Mobility Radeon 3410 and a 500GB HD. At under 4 lbs., with a nice keyboard and decent screen, it looks like a winner. Check out their pics and hands-on vid, below!

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