Logic Bolt: Packing a Pico-Projector into a Phone

Pico-projectors, a.k.a “Pocket Projectors”, have been all the rage over the last few months. It’s easy to see the allure of a fun device the size of a pack or two of smokes that can project SD video or pics onto the nearest wall—once you take into account the fact that the images won’t be very large, or very bright. Do you really need one? Probably not. On the other hand, if one came packed into your cell, wouldn’t it be cool? Enter the Logic Bolt, with quad-band GSM, Bluetooth, 3MP cam, and a cool LED PJ that can project an image of from 36 to 64 inches, and you’ve got just the thang to show the world your Ex in all the naked glory she / he was born with!

[Via the kind folks at Gizmodo]


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  1. Hi, Mike S./Uncle Mike,

    So nice to have you aboard! (winkwink, nudgenudge),

    There aren't any deets yet from folks actually at the CES show–this humble reporter/aggregator ain't actually there, don't tell!)

    But, I'd give an (educated) guess that one can load any common vid/pic format into the unit's in-built memory, with the caveat, below (no specs on the unit are available, yet, either, but, surely it'll be all over the web within a day or so–be sure to look here, first, of course, as [GAS] is your and everyone's "one-stop-geek-shop," lol

    Caveats: Again, educated guessing here, so, take it with a grain of ("gourmet" sea) salt:

    Given that the phone/PJ is packing so much into such a small package, and the SOTA (current "State of the Art") of such bleeding-edge tech–the unit was only announced by ChinaKing, an (obviously) Chinese manufacturer known for "quick-and-dirty" art-to-execution, in, like June–don't expect a lot of room for a lot of ROM..,this is to say, the onboard available transcoding of vid/pics may be limited, so you'll definitely need (or even want, oblivious to the phone's capabilites, I'd say) to use your PC to format any content–however you get it, from email, online, etc.–because of the "speed" factor…how minutes do ya manna wait, etc.!

    But, sure, you've read the long, and short is "can't see why not!"


    P.S. The device is likely to come with a CD containing an application that'll handle transcoding of vids/pics so they'll display properly on the unit's internal screen, and the PJ's "screen." If not, such apps are commonly avialble online, even as freeware…"Download.com" is a good resource for such free stuff–and many other "spyware-free" apps. It's owned by c/net, so you can trust it, that way. (Take their "Editor's Reviews" of software, however, with a grain of sea-salt, IMHO–blending them in with a thorough perusal of their (highly educated) "User Reviews," as the Ed's don't have the long-term time to spend with a given app, and the Users not only do, but also are quick to give valuable, informed, feedback/usability info. to potential new users.

    I'm going off-topic, a bit, and "off the reservation," sure, but I just wanna make sure anyone reading this post–for any reason–get's some good advice.

    And, I'm Irish. You?



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