Vizio is Back in the News

By Will Sullivan
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

With profits declining, Vizio announced earlier this past year that it was determined to improve its “bargain basement” rep, and move more upscale, corporate-image-wise…so…they’ve trotted out a snazzy new logo that we rather like, but still have kept prices way low on their compelling new lineup, which we rather…love!

Grok the snazzy, spare look of their new flat panels (um, at least in terms of the packaging; no way to tell what they LOOK like, yet):

And—who cares about the look, although it’s WAY better than “not too shabby” (um, sharp, even! Not too junked up with tons of logos, or buttons)—check out their new, elegant, glossy, way-cheap, BD-Live-capable (Profile 2.0 w/onboard decoding of Dolby Tru-HD and DTS Master Audio and/or audio out of 7.1 Channels) Blu-ray box:

MSRP’d at under $200 (with street prices lower still, of course; we’d estimate around the magic ~$150 price point.)

And, want a killer (free) remote to go with the streaming/interactive features of your new Vizio flat-panel HDTV? Isn’t this one nice?

Vizio seems to be planning to offer some very nice-looking, (hopefully well-performing, ergonomically-aware) kit, at “typically attractive Vizio prices.” Assuming their stuff works well, and looks/sounds good, it’d seem to be a no-brainer for at least your audition—conveniently coming to a discount retailer near you!


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  1. After purchasing my 42 inch XVT vizio, there is no going back. Vizio gives you the most for your money. Now the sound bar… Heard it's coming out in February at Costco and I can't wait

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