Goby: The Search Engine for Getting Out of Your Chair

Now, I’ve got admit, when I heard about Goby–the search engine designed to match your interests with current events in your area, or any area for that matter–I quirked a bit of an eyebrow. What’s this now? Do we really need another search engine, let alone one that tries to fill a rather specific niche? […]

New Intelligent Speed Bump Retracts for Vigilant Drivers

Most people find speed bump irritating. For those with a heavy foot, these bumps can have all sorts of undesirable effects on your car. But, when you have kids and live on a street where people speed, you realize the necessity.. Enter the intelligent speed bump by Mexico’s Decano Industries. With this clever new technology, […]

Wednesday Geeky Pics: Amazon Kindle in the Wild

With the announcement that Barnes and Noble is attempting to grab some of Amazon’s e-reader market share with their “Nook,” a competitor to the Kindle, I thought I’d dig up some bookworms with Kindles in their natural environments. I don’t have one myself, but there is something rather appealing about having something so thin to […]