Gr-apple-fest is on in the Mobile Industry!

By Douglas Karr Guest Blogger It appears that Apple is waging war in the mobile industry… and there’s some questions as to whether or not they’re playing fair. Apple first lashed out at the popular open source hack for the iPhone, called Jailbreak, stating that the Jailbreak application violated Apple’s copyright. Huh? iPhone owners might […]

Ten Coolest New Car Technologies

By Chris Burdick Guest Blogger In the consumer electronics world, companies have to be continuously innovating to keep up with each other. This is why last year’s revolutionary $3000 Plasma HDTV only costs $1500 now. The automotive world isn’t all that different; car makers need to keep adding more technology in their cars to keep […]

The Features It Needs Next: Twitter

By Andrew Sparkes Guest Blogger As part of an on-going series, we’ll be looking at the features that top hardware, software, and websites already have and imagining the features it would be logical and useful to add in the next update. Today we’re examining Twitter. Twitter is an extremely bare-bones site. It’s what you might […]

Set up hot keys without any added software on Windows XP or better.

It’s very annoying and counter productive for your hands to leave the keyboard as you use your mouse to click, click, clickity click click away at something. Join the ranks of power users to add keyboard shortcuts for every computer task you do. Yup any task! Built into Windows is the ability to let you […]