$49 Blu-ray players coming on Black Friday?

There’s something quaint about the idea of Black Friday deals in the year 2009, but they can still mean some bargains for tech lovers. If rumors and leaks are to be believed, this year’s discount decision will be largely based around pushing Blu-ray into more homes. For those outside the US who aren’t familiar with […]

The Five Ingredients for a Diabolically Geeky Halloween Party

We geeks have a leg up on this Halloween business, especially when it comes to parties and costumes. Sure, most of us have a few costumes ready for any convention prepped in the closet–but where’s the fun in that? True geeks will rise to the occasion every time and create unique, memorable costumes. Not to […]

Nokia seeks millions in iPhone patent row

It’s no secret that virtually every mobile phone manufacturer would like a slice of Apple’s iPhone action. But Nokia is taking that desire a little literally, launching a lawsuit demanding as much as a billion dollars in patent violations. The precise figure that Nokia wants isn’t detailed in its lawsuit. That’s prompted speculation about the […]