The Robot is NOT Subtle [Comic]

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Introducing The iPhone 11: A Parody Video

Comedian Jack Douglass Presents the new iPhone 11… [jacksfilms]

This Hot Dog Couch Costs $7100

It’s a couch shaped like a hot dog and it costs $7100… plus shipping. You know you want one. Fabric: polyester/cotton/viscose/acrylic/leather/linen. Structure: wood, polyurethane, resin. 74.6″ x 45.2″. Made in Italy. Boxed weight, approximately 1433 lbs. [Neiman Marcus | Via BoingBoing]

The Space Penny Theory [Comic]

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Ready for the Fall [Comic]

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The Best Cosplay of DragonCon 2019 [Pics + Video]

Here are some gorgeous photos and a cosplay music video from DragonCon 2019 by Youtuber and Photographer MineralBlu, one of the best and most prolific cosplay photographer we’ve seen on the web! [MineralBlu on Youtube | MineralBlu on Facebook]

A Hilariously Terrifying Battle Between Two Chubby Battle Corgis [Video]

This is likely the most epic and hilarious thing you’ll see today, largely thanks to the amazing sound effects by Defacto Sound.

Ahsoka: A Star Wars Story [Fan Trailer]

From Tim Gonzales: Like so many other Star Wars fans out there, I’ve a strong investment in the character of Ahsoka and her story. Her arc that spans across both Clone Wars and Rebels carries so much emotional impact, and it ends in a way that’s satisfyingly and genuinely affecting. But her story isn’t over! […]