Food Expiration Dates: Those Sneaky Little Labels Your Brain Often Fall For

Every year, significant quantities of food are wasted by countries worldwide. In the United States alone, approximately one-fifth of food products are discarded due to consumer uncertainty regarding expiration labels. However, the majority of grocery items remain perfectly safe to consume even after their listed expiration dates. If these dates don’t indicate spoilage, what purpose […]

AMAZING Deals on Samsung Tablets for Prime Day!

Are you looking for a new high-quality tablet at an affordable price? For Prime Day, Amazon is offering amazing deals on many models of Samsung Tablets, including many high-end ones, at rarely seen price points! For those of you who are not into Apple products, these are absolutely perfect! –SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7″ […]

Deadpool and Wolverine Fighting in New DEADPOOL 3 Set Video

E TEMOS VIDEO! Confira 3 minutos das gravações que aconteceram hoje de DEADPOOL 3. Créditos no vídeo. — Marvel News (@BRMarvelNews) July 11, 2023 You’ve seen Hugh Jackman as Wolverine a few days ago, now here is a 3-minute set video featuring Deadpool and Wolverine fighting in front of what seems like the 20th […]

Farewell, Haber Bosch! – A New, Cleaner Way to Create Fertilizers (More Interesting Than You’d Think!)

Every day, billions of people depend on a century-old chemical reaction to create a large part of the world’s food supply: combining nitrogen gas and hydrogen gas to create ammonia, and down the line, fertilizers. But this seemingly innocent reaction has a dark side. It devours a whopping 1% of the world’s entire energy supply […]

Not all repellents are equal – here’s how to avoid mosquito bites this summer

A group of Anopheles mosquitoes taking a blood meal in an experiment conducted by the New Mexico State University Molecular Vector Physiology Lab. Hansen MVP lab Immo A. Hansen, New Mexico State University and Hailey A. Luker, New Mexico State University Now that summer is in full swing, mosquitoes have come out across the United […]