A Wonderfully Whimsical Cover of the Super Mario Bros 2 Overworld Theme

Among all the songs from the Super Mario universe, I have to say that the Overworld theme from Super Mario Bros 2 is my favorite. Watch this wondefully whimsical small instrument cover of the theme by Geeks are Sexy friend and musician extraordinaire Banjo Guy Ollie. This guy is insanely talented and has been doing […]

Why Did We Blow in Nintendo Game Cartridges? – The Post-Hoc Fallacy

Have you ever wondered why blowing inside your oldschool NES cartridge seemed to make them suddenly work when, initially, they were not when first inserted into your console? Some people even did it with Atari 2600 and Activision cartridges! The thing is, the act of blowing did absolutely nothing, but thanks to “The Post-Hoc fallacy,” […]

PAY WHAT YOU WANT: Master Game Development 10-Course Bundle (Unity, Unreal Engine, Phaser, and more!)

Unlock these 77 hours to become a multi-platform pro with Unity, Unreal Engine, Phaser, and more! Pay what you want, and if that’s less than the average price people pay, you’ll still take home something great! Beat the average price ($17.08 as of now) and you’ll take home the entire bundle! What’s included with the […]