Animal Crossing: New Horizons Theme Performed on Musical Tesla Coils!

Singing Tesla coils perform Animal Crossing: New Horizons main theme! A musical Tesla coil, or singing Tesla coil is a variation of the infamous machine, capable of producing music by shaking the air with electrical discharges. The lead instruments in this video are actual bolts of artificial lightning, created in our shop in Austin, TX. […]

The Hardcore Game Development & Animation 6-Course Bundle (97% Off)

Love video games? Create your own with 24 hours of content on animation and development using industry-standard game creation software! Get the Hardcore Game Development & Animation 6-Course Bundle for just $29.99 instead of the MSRP of $1200 (97% off.) What’s included: -Maya & Unreal 3D Character Kpop Dance Animation Fundamentals -Game Design Concept Art […]

Humble RPG Book Bundle: Pay What You Want for the 5TH Edition Dungeons Mazes and Barrows Bundle

For all you roleplaying game fans out there, up your game with the new RPG book bundle for 5th edition from the amazing folks over at Humble Bundle. Get ebooks like Barrowmaze, Lighthouse Anan-Marath, Quick Threats and Side Treks, World Setting Updated World Map, and more for a fraction of the price they would normally […]