Baelin’s Route – A Complete Epic NPC Man Adventure Movie

Epic NPC man has always been a humorous web series taking a look at the life of various non-player characters from a fictional video game universe. However, the people behind the series have decided to create a complete movie with the help of its fans via a Kickstarter campaign, and half a million dollars later, here is the amazing result! Seriously geeks, this is incredible work! The quality of the cinematography is outstanding and so is soundtrack! Be sure to watch the whole thing below, you won’t regret it.

Baelin (Rowan Bettjeman), a simple background NPC in the video game ‘Skycraft’ has been walking the same route for as long as he can remember. However, his peaceful (and mindless) routine is violently shaken as a short-tempered Adventurer (Ben Van Lier) drags him off his path and into a dangerous quest to escort a mysterious NPC girl named Willow (Phoenix Cross) across the harsh world of Azerim.

Morning! Nice day for fishing ain’t it? Hua hah!


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