Comparing the Sizes of Fictional PLANETS From Pop Culture 🌑🌍🪐

In this video, MetaBallStudios compares the sizes of various fictional planets from film, television, books and video games. From MetaBallStudios: Many planets are missing (Caprica, Planet 4546B, Planet Miller, Xandar, Kerwan, Namek, Planet Vegeta, Vekta, Spherus Magna, Secunda and Masser, Pandora, Magrathea, Polus, Typhon etc, etc, etc) due to lack of information or impossibility of […]

Today is Mario Day! – Here are The Best Nintendo MAR10 Deals! – Save BIG on Games, Toys, Controllers, and MORE!

Today is March 10, and since MAR10 looks like Mario, the folks at Nintendo have decided to make this day the official Mario day. Like most holidays, events such as this one is all about selling stuff, so here are some of the best Nintendo Deals unveiled by retailers in honor of the “celebration.” Please […]