Screen Team’s Awesome 2017 Geeky Christmas Parody Medley [Video]

Chad and Angie from the Screen Team have been releasing Christmas medley parodies for a few years now, and as usual, they have one for 2017! Check it out! [Screen Team]

The Best Jenga Move of All Time [Video]

This guy rocks. Also, I kind of want that giant Jenga game. [RM Videos | Via Neatorama]

Tactical Philosophical Action Stealth Man Solid [Comic]

[Source: NHOJ Comics | Like NHOJ on Facebook | Follow NHOJ on Twitter]

Portal Meets Bridge Constructor In New Game

A new Portal game is out, but it’s not the sequel you might be hoping for. And no, you’re not the first person to note it’s a case of Valve being allergic to 3. The game’s title of Bridge Constructor Portal functionally explains which two games it has merged, and it’s one of those partnerships […]

iPhone Game Raises Eyebrows

A new iPhone game lets you control a character with your eyebrows. It’s mainly an experiment to use a new feature on the iPhone X camera. Rainbrow plays a little like Frogger, albeit without any side-to-side motion controls. You simply move a character up and down between seven rows of a rainbow trying to hit […]


From the studio that took everything fun about the Star Wars franchise and turned them into microtransactions, this is Star Wars Battlefront II! [Smosh Games]

Ataribox Pre-Orders Start This Week

The new (old) Atari console will be up for pre-order from Thursday. Pricing is expected to be around $250-$300 for the Ataribox, which Atari says is closer to a gaming PC than a retro cash-in. The initial reveal of the Ataribox with the familiar wood-style casing of the 2600 made it look like another in […]

Today’s Hottest Deals: Save BIG on Retro Games, Laptops, Alien Collection, and MORE!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, here are a few great deals we stumbled on while browsing the web this morning: –Save BIG on Retro Board Games (Twister, Guess Who, Monopoly, Trouble, Sorry, Etc.) –Alien 6-film Collection Blu-Ray Box Set (With All Alien Movies) – $79.99 $27.99 –Save on TVs, Laptops, Chromebooks, Monitors, […]

3-Man Chess Set Ups the Ante on the Classic Game

Ever been playing chess and thought, “You know what this game needs? A THIRD player!” Me neither. But someone apparently did: Play chess with 3 people at the same time with this three player chess game. Without compromising any of the rules, strategy, or fun of Chess, this variant board has been developed that accommodates […]

Today’s Hottest Deals: Save BIG on Logitech PC Accessories, STEM Robots and Toys, HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System, FPV Drone, and MORE!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, here are a few great deals we stumbled on while browsing the web today: –Save BIG on Logitech PC Accessories (Mice, Keyboards, Webcams, etc) –Save on favorite STEM toys, robots, and more –HTC VIVE VR System + Deluxe Audio Strap + $100 Amazon Gift Card – $798.98 […]

Deal of the Day: Save BIG on Star Wars Toys and Games, Star Trek Box Sets, Portable Home Theater, and MORE!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, here are some amazing deals for today, starting with a big sale on Star Wars toys and games, including many board games, figures, props, and MORE! –Save BIG on Star Wars Toys and Games –R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid – $179.99 $91 –Monopoly Game: Star Wars 40th Anniversary Special […]

GTA Heist Tackles ‘Mount Chiliad Mystery’

The Mount Chiliad mystery might finally be solved in the next major Grand Theft Auto V update. Either that or the makers are just toying with their most dedicated fans. For those of you who either never played GTA V or didn’t become obsessed with it, the ‘mystery’ surrounds a map in the cable car […]