Overwatch Includes Tribute To Deceased Fan


An Overwatch player has spotted a tribute to a fan who died just a day before the game was released. Wu Hongyu was killed while attempting to foil a motorcycle theft. Wu, a 20-year-old student in China, saw a friend’s motorcycle stolen from campus. He chased after the thief on his own bike but suffered […]

Skyrim Remastered vs. PC Mod vs. Vanilla Editions [Video]


Will you be getting the new remastered version of Skyrim? Do you think the better graphics justifies buyig back the game on next gen consoles? Let us know in the comments! We compare the graphics of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Remaster with RealVision ENB Mod package & vanilla Skyrim on PC – […]

Deadpool vs Candy Crush in Real Life! [Video]


Deapool fighting a guy who has the power to conjure “Candy Crush” candies in real life? Yeah, that sounds a bit weird, but the whole thing is actually pretty cool, so check it out! [Bellpond]

A Brief History of Video Game Controllers [Video]


58 years of video game controllers. Where will they go from here? [Super Deluxe]

Tetris Movie Turns Into Trilogy


A planned Tetris movie will now be a trilogy. The makers say it isn’t a money grab but instead is needed to properly tell the story they have planned. Producer Larry Kasanoff isn’t saying anything about what that story will actually be, but says the most obvious approach with some form of anthropomorphized blocks is […]

You NEED To Play the New (and Highly Insane) Old Spice Video Game Right Now!


What can I even say about this?! We all know Old Spice has gone rather “comically insane” in their ads over the last few years, and this all seems to be reaching an apex with a batsh*t insane video game that only shows you how much MORE insane Old Spice is than you had already […]

Fantastic “Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End” Theme Song Violin Cover [Video]


A fantastic cover of the Uncharted 4 theme by violinist Anastasia Soina. This one is really good, but nothing beats her cover of the Daredevil theme song. [Anastasia Soina]

Amazon Deal of the Day: Save BIG on Wireless Headphones, DualShock 4, Mini Quadcopter Drone


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, here are a few great deals we stumbled on while browsing the web this morning! –Bluedio Turbine T2s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – $49.99 $29.99 (40% Off) (Available in 4 colors) –AUKEY Mini Drone, 2.4G RC 6-Axis Quadcopter – $29.99 $24.99 (Use Promo Code O2MHCN74 at checkout) –DualShock […]

Ganondorf’s Origin Story [Comic]


[Source: Manly Guys Doing Manly Things]

History of War: Timeline of the World of Warcraft [Infographic]


[Source: costumediscounters.com]

For Tabletop RPG Players: Clicking Counter Ring and D20 Spinner Ring

Need to keep up with how much mana or life your RPG character has left? Or maybe what you need is something to replace that D20 that keeps falling off the table? If you answered yes to either of those questions, check out these awesome rings from CritSuccess/Thinkgeek! The d20 Spinner Ring Instead of crawling […]

World of Warcraft’s Pirate Tavern Theme Song Done Multi-Track Acapella [Video]


An original acapella arrangement of the Pirate Tavern theme song from World of Warcraft by Youtuber Smooth McGroove. [Smooth McGroove]