Adidas and Marvel Team-Up for ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Shoes

Adidas and Marvel comics have teamed up and created shoes that will tie in to the new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. As you can see, the shoes each seem to represent a different superhero from The Avengers team. The shoes are set to launch worldwide on May 1st, and should be available via many […]

College to Offer Class on “Game of Thrones”

Northern Illinois University has added a class I almost guarantee no student would skip. Called “Game of Thrones, Television, and Medieval History,” one might think the course is a disguised publicity stunt or even a ‘throwaway’ class, but it’s actually a legitimate class all about history. According to The Chicago Tribune: The class is the […]

7-Year-Old Writes Comic Empowering Girls of Color; Wins $16K [VIDEO]

Time for the warm fuzzies. Natalie McGriff, a seven-year-old from Florida, expressed to her mother that she hated two things: Reading…and the texture of her natural hair. “I didn’t like it because I wanted it straight, and I saw everybody with straight hair,” she told ABC News. “And reading was boring to me.” Hoping to […]

A Scientific Guide to the Fantastical Predators in ‘Game of Thrones’

We marvel at the dragons in Game of Thrones, but do you ever wonder about the science or biology that would be behind these magnificent beasts? Maddie Stone over at Gizmodo put together a very interesting piece focusing on the actual science of other animals compared to the mighty dragons in Game of Thrones, and […]

Titan, Batman, And Star Wars, Oh My: The Best Week Of Trailers Ever

If you are a geek, which you probably are because you are on this site right now, you must still be catching your breath from all the awesome nerd trailers last week. In as long as I have lived my geek life, there has never been a week where as many amazing, geektastic trailers were […]