Simpsons Springfield Made In Lego

When Lego announced it was launching a series of mini figures of characters from The Simpsons, enthusiast Matt De Lanoy decided they needed an authentic home. Here’s his recreation of Springfield made entirely from Lego bricks. Check out his Flickr page for close-up photos and some of his previous Lego projects.

Enter Pyongyang [Time Lapse Video]

Time-lapse videos of major cities are nothing new. A time-lapse video of the capital of the world’s most secretive country? Now that’s impressive. Be sure to check out the Vimeo page where producers JT Singh and Rob Whitworth discuss how they were able to produce the video given North Korea’s tight media controls.

Got Beer? GoT Stein [Image]

ThinkGeek is selling a 20oz ceramic stein with an embossed map of Westeros. Why so big? Well… There are drinking games to go with everything. For Game of Thrones, the drinking game is this: when some character you love dies, take a drink. Oh, wait. We’re gonna need a bigger cup… It’s got the capacity […]