Fighting Mental Illnesses and Disorders One Illustration at a Time

As society becomes more open toward discussing mental illness disorders, artist Shawn Coss has decided to create a new series of illustration to help people understand what these disorders are about and fight the stigma associated with them. Shawn is a great artist who also has a clothing line and works at creating comics over […]


The Geektastic Cosplay of Quebec Comiccon 2018 – Part I [Picture Gallery]

As we’ve been doing for a few years now, me (The curly haired viking in the pictures) and my beloved partner in crime (Princess Solo) were on location to cover Quebec City’s main pop culture event of the year: Quebec Comiccon! This year, the convention was designed for families, but as always, local cosplayers showed […]

How Medieval Warriors Fought in Full 14th Century Armor [Video]

From Ola Onsrud: This video is made as an attempt to answer some of the many questions about the use of harness (armour) received after the publication of our video “dressing in 14th century armor”. This is therefore not a video showing harnischfechten techniques, but a video showing the weakness of a 14th century harness. […]

Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual History is a Must-Have Book for D&D Fans!

Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual History is an upcoming full-color hardcover book (released next week) about the game’s entire 40+ year history. It features over 700 pieces of original art, unpublished draft material, one-of-a-kind imagery and rare sketches of some of the game’s most seminal material. It also contains 40+ interviews with […]

The History Behind Ctrl+Alt+Del

We’ve only got one life to live, but thanks to three simple keystrokes, at least we can restart our PCs! This is the story of how one clever man created Control-Alt-Delete: a relatively tiny engineering tweak that changed IBM computers, and mortal existence as we know it. [Great Big Story]

Gaming Is All About Perspective….

This is so true. We think ourselves as heroes. But the programmed NPC’s just see us as something trying to kill them so they kill us first (or at least try). Gaming is all about perspective, after all. (Imgur)

Google Pays a Heartwarming Tribute to Mister Rogers With Stop-Motion Video

On this date, September 21, 1967, 51 years ago, Fred Rogers walked into the television studio at WQED in Pittsburgh to tape the very first episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, which would premiere nationally on PBS in February 1968. He became known as Mister Rogers, nationally beloved, sweater wearing, “television neighbor,” whose groundbreaking children’s series […]

Stephen Colbert, Being the Massive Tolkien Nerd he is, Connects Hip Hop Verse Structure to Tolkien Song

Listen to Stephen Colbert explaining how Chance the Rapper’s “Favorite Song” (feat. Childish Gambino) and Lord of the Rings’ “Song of Eärendil” are connected. What a brilliant man! [Rolling Stone]