Squad Leader TD-73028 Soliloquy: When Star Wars Meet Shakespeare [Short Film]

If you know Hamlet’s famous soliloquy, you’ll know the outcome of this short fan film by director Maxime-Claude L’Écuyer right away. This fan film is an interesting one; it takes a very different (and very grim) approach to what we usually see in Star Wars fan films. To be or not to be: Star Wars […]

How Thor Got His Hammer

Loki the mischief-maker, writhes in Thor’s iron grip. The previous night, he’d snuck up on Thor’s wife and shorn off her beautiful hair. To fix what he’d done, Loki rushes to the dwarves and tricks them into making gifts for the gods. Wanting to best their smith rivals, the dwarves make a set of golden […]

The History of the World According to Cats

In ancient times, wildcats were fierce carnivorous hunters. And unlike dogs, who have undergone centuries of selective breeding, modern cats are genetically very similar to ancient cats. How did these solitary, fierce predators become our sofa sidekicks? Eva-Maria Geigl traces the domestication of the modern house cat. [TED-Ed]

Re-Enacting the 90’s [Video]

As if we are that old… Whatever! [CH]

The Philosophy of J.R.R. Tolkien: Why Things Keep Getting Worse

JRR Tolkien’s many works aren’t just bound together by Middle Earth, but a meticulously crafted philosophy of history. Join us as we explore why JRR Tolkien stands apart from other thinkers in this Wisecrack Edition. [Wisecrack]

Cookies for Santa [Comic]

[Source: Formal Sweatpants]

From slave to rebel gladiator: The life of Spartacus

Spartacus was a slave — one of millions taken from territories conquered by Rome to work the mines, till the fields or fight for a crowd’s entertainment. Imprisoned for deserting the Roman Army, he and other slaves fought their way free and started a rebellion. How did a slave become synonymous with freedom and courage? […]