What if English Were Phonetically Consistent?

English can be a rather difficult language to learn because many letters and letter combinations are pronounced differently. To illustrate the point, Youtuber Aaron Alon made a video showing what English would sound like if each vowel had just one pronunciation. [Aaron Alon] Advertisements


The Lord of the Rings: Random Facts That Every Fan Should Know – Part III

Read the first part of this infographic here and the second part here. This one is a little hard to read, but the info is still interesting! [Source: 9gag]

50 Interesting (And Useful!) Facts About Japan

From Rachel and Jun: Lists of facts about Japan are almost always half misleading or straight up inaccurate, and half basic facts that everyone already knows. (Did you know JAPANESE VENDING MACHINES?!) So we’ve been trying to collect interesting facts about Japan that are actually true for years, and we finally reached 50! [Rachel and […]

The Lord of the Rings: Random Facts That Every Fan Should Know – Part II

Read the first part of this infographic here: The Lord of the Rings: Ramdom Facts That Every Fan Should Know. [Via 9gag]

Shakespeare Insult Kit

Just follow these simple instructions to create the perfect shakespearean insult: [Via]

Drone Flyover Footage of Uncovered Pompeii Site So Far [Video]

Some stunning drone footage of ancient Pompeii, which is quickly becoming one of the largest archeology site in the world! Check it out! Edit: And here’s another one from Youtuber pdvaeriennes: [Rusty’s History Zone]

How Instant Ramen Became an Overnight Success

Most people associate ramen with broke college students, but the story behind these instant noodles is far more surprising. The instant dinner is the brainchild of Momofuku Ando, a Japanese businessman who was on a mission to solve a post-WWII hunger crisis. [Great Big Story]

Did Ancient Troy Ever Really Exist? Let’s Investigate!

When Homer’s Iliad was first written down in the eighth century BCE, the story of the Trojan war was already an old one. From existing oral tradition, audiences knew the tales of the long siege, the duels outside the city walls, and the trick that finally won the war. In the end, the city was […]