Master the Art of Speaking in Six Distinct American Accents [Video]

Let’s embark on a journey through diverse american accents with Youtuber Interactive English. In this video, the host covers 6 different American accents: The New York accent, the Boston Accent, the southern drawl and the southern twang, the Minnesota accent, and finally, the California (Valley) acccent. [Interactive English]

Unveiling the Extraordinary Legacy of STAN LEE: A Captivating Documentary [Official Trailer]

Discover the extraordinary legacy of Stan Lee, the man behind the Marvel universe, in an inspiring Disney+ documentary that will begin streaming on June 16 on Disney+. I can’t wait to watch it! Just hearing the man’s voice brought tears to my eyes. [Marvel Entertainment]

12 Of The Most Important Cities In History – And Why They Fell From The Top

In ancient times, the most powerful and influential cities in the world were located primarily in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Places like Alexandria, Jericho, and Carthage once were thought to be as influential or powerful as cities like London, Tokyo, or Washington, DC, are today. By the 21st century, the majority of cities […]

13 Tiny Illustrated Science Fiction Stories

Twitter user @smllwrlds is creating one illustrated tiny sci-fi story per day for the rest of the year. Here are a few of our favorites so far. They’re all really quite excellent! And that's one month down! In 2023, I’m creating an illustrated tiny sci-fi story every day. Here’s 031/365: — small worlds (@smllwrlds) […]