How Do Languages Change and Evolve? [Science Video]

Over the course of human history, thousands of languages have developed from what was once a much smaller number. How did we end up with so many? And how do we keep track of them all? Alex Gendler explains how linguists group languages into language families, demonstrating how these linguistic trees give us crucial insights […]

Gadget Mag Drops Scantily-Clad Model Cover Stars

A technology and gadgets magazine is to drop its policy of using scantily-clad women as cover models. Stuff magazine says it’s a business decision based on changing tastes. The magazine launched in the UK in 1996 and now has several international editions. The UK version has consistently used models on the front cover, usually posing […]

Why Are There So Many Darn Super Hero Movies?

From the PBS Idea Channel: The past 15 years have produced a pantsload of superhero films. It’s hard to even remember a time before Batman, Spiderman, and Captain America dominated the summer box office. So are movie studios just lazy and out of ideas? Or is something else going on? Superheroes are authority figures who […]